Cybernetics is the science of replacing parts of the frail human body with metals, plastics, or superior vatgrown tissue. Installing pieces of cyberware isn't something you can really do yourself, but there has to be at least one cyberlab in a city the size of Metroplex.

Each piece of cyberware replaces part of your Body, reducing your maximum and the rate at which Body regenerates.

Cybertechnology can be installed in a Cyberclinic at the cost of your Body.

On installation of a part:

  • it decreases your maximum body by the amount listed below
  • it decreases your current body by the amount listed below

On rollover:

  • you will regain one quarter of your maximum Body, so having cyberware installed will reduce the amount you get

Note that this means people with neuralware may as well pick up some cybereyes as well, since they get the same daily body.

Only one item can be installed in each category.

Effect on Effects

Installing or uninstalling a cyperpart can remove certain effects, as shown below:

Type Removes Specifically confirmed
Cybereyes Eye Effects Blurred Eyes*
Clear Eyes
Clearest Eyes
Puzzle Sight
Cyberarms Arm Effects Crushed Hand
Powdered Knuckles
Missing Hand*
Cyberlegs Leg Effects Cracked Ankle
Shaking Legs*
Neuralware Neural Effects Artificial Rage
Burning Chips (unconfirmed)
Channeling Matsuo
Chip Headache
Neural Realignment*
Studious Nature
Good Worker
Icy Demeanor
Bodyware Skin Effects, Sludge Effects Bone Scales
Bone Spikes
Dripping with Gore
Ectoplasmic Gore
Powdered Knuckles
Torn Flesh*
Vile Camouflage
Writhing Flesh
Organware Internal Organ Effects Calcified Organs
Ruptured Organs*

* Note that these effects are obtained from uninstalling cyberware, but removed when installing. To do: what happens if you have Ruptured Organs and remove organware?


Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

See Equipment (Detailed) for a detailed list.

In general, items slots cost the following amount of body:
Slot Body
Cybereyes 2
Cyberarms 4
Cyberlegs 4
Neuralware 6
Bodyware 8
Organware 8

(The Living Hand is the only exception to the above so far.)







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