Damaged Buildings


This collection of buildings seems to be doing surprisingly well. One in particular stands tall over the ruins.

Talk to Hel (if you have her as a contact but haven't left the slags yet)
Survey the Damage
Enter the standing building

If you survey the damage before entering:

It looks like the buildings here were spared the worst. One building stands above the others, stories above the Slags below.

and either (before rescuing Hel)
As you look closer, you notice a flickering green light in one of the highest windows. Taking a quick count, it seems to be on the sixth floor.

or (after rescuing Hel)
As you look closer, you can see dark shapes circling around the heights.

Head In

(Kinak has noted in a podcast that there is a difference if you Survey the Damage or head straight in but it is currently unknown what that is.)


There are six floors in this building. In order to fight your way up to the next floor, you usually have to make your way across the floor you're on to the undamaged staircase, by fighting enemies and navigating through obstacles in your way. The optimal path to go through this zone with a minimum of energy is still being spaded. See the discussion page for more details.

Navigating the building:

Current Floor: Leads to:
W Stairs E Stairs
First Floor 2, 3 -
Second Floor 1, 3 3, 4
Third Floor 1, 2 2, 4
Fourth Floor 5 2, 3
Fifth Floor 4 6
Sixth Floor - 5

The following shows a rough map of the staircases:

 -----+ (6)
+-----+ (5)
+-----+ (4)
+-----+ (3)
|     |
+-----+ (2)
+---- < (1)
(W - E)
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