Dance Music


Image party25.jpg
Description Apparently some people like their music bland and preprocessed, indistinguishable from one song or band to the next. This is one of those songs from one of those bands. You're not honestly sure which.

The repetitive dance beat is really easy to dance to, though. Maybe everyone who likes it only knows one dance. That would explain a lot.
Hidden Flags (Music)
Effects +2 Reflexes


From using pop recordings. (50 energy).
Listen to the DJ at the Happy Hour Halloween party. (20 energy)
Joining in at the Everyday Disco with pop music playing unless this effect & a drunk effect is active (10 energy)
Viewing Shared Files on a University Net site (10 Energy)


Only one kind of music can be played at a time.

Enhances/unlocks Scripted Dance.

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