Dark Smoke


Image Black-Smoke-Claw25.jpg
Description You've got something lodged deep in your lungs trying to claw its way back out.
Hidden Flags (Smoke Effect)
Effects -5 Etheric Defense
(Hidden effect: take choking damage at end of round)


From a Dark Specter


When you gain Etheric (from items, or do other sources work?) with this active, lose an equal duration of Dark Smoke. For each duration of Dark Smoke lost, gain one additional duration of Etheric, with message:

If you still have Dark Smoke left:
The pain in your chest subsides a little.

Or, if you have no Dark Smoke left:
The pain in your chest vanishes.

Also, if you lose enough Dark Smoke at once from one item or effect:

You learned a new Technique: smoketalon.jpg Smoke Talons (1 or more)

See discussion page for spading on how much you need to lose. (Try for at least 10 to get one technique.)

Removed By

Using a panacea pill
Gaining Etheric (only from an item?)

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