Dark Wings


Image feather%20wings%20B%2025.jpg
Description Most corporations won't hire someone with wings like an avenging angel, but who needs a job when you look this badass? At least, setting aside the whole food and shelter thing.
Type Cyber (Bodyware)
Requires 8 Body
Hidden Flags counterculture cyberware, cyberwings
Effects +4 Etheric Power
-2 Evasion Power (With Monstrous Form: +2 more; negating this penalty)
Cybersafety Seal
(With Monstrous Form: +2 Strength; but does not additionally stack if you have multiple counterculture items installed)


Discount Cyberclinic for 750 credits.


Choosing Evil actions, while Etheric and dark wings installed:

Your wings tingle as though they were the genuine article, dripping in the blood of your enemies.

You learned a new Technique: Wing Assault

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg artificial bone, artificial muscle fibers
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods
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