crashedprogram.jpg Decompiling was a feature of the game's first hacking system, Oldos. Decompilers of any kind can no longer be obtained.
For a similar Novos mechanic, see Handscripting.


You must have access to a decompiler, thorough decompiler, fast D, or sloppy decompiler in order to decompile code.


Each item decompiled will cost 1 energy, unless you are decompiling several items at once with a fast D. According to the description, the thorough decompiler is "probably not the fastest option, but it should give the best returns."


Item Possible Result
ad template networking code, math subroutine
ad spider automation routine
advanced interpreter automation routine, language interpreter
autoturret memory automation routine, math subroutine
Blackthorn Alpha security patches
Blackthorn v5 math subroutine, orderly code, networking code
Blackthorn v6 automation routine
burrowing drone memory unknown result
chaotic firewall unknown result
chaotic tester security patches
code injector file interface, security patches
collapsed integrator unknown result
crystal Blackthorn automation routine, security patches
crystal tester unknown result
daily tester unknown result
data scrubber unknown result
decompiler language interpreter
decompiling integrator language interpreter
deep file scan automation routine, file interface
depth charge unknown result
deputy tracker networking code, automation routine, security patches
eavesdropping tools file interface, security patches
extreme gift package unknown result
Extreme Bass Player networking code
EyesAround math subroutine, networking code
fast D language interpreter
file scan automation routine
fractal tester unknown result
helidrone memory automation routine, math subroutine
hound drone memory automation routine, math subroutine
integrated file scan automation routine, math subroutine, networking code, security patches
integrated injector unknown result
intrusive jammer unknown result
intrusive search security patches
maddening search viral mass
mailing list automation routine
Midgard Blackthorn 2 networking code
Midgard Protection Suite networking code, security patches
Midgard protector Midgard internal code, networking code, security patches
Midgard shrieker unknown result
Midgard tester unknown result
network integrator unknown result
network interpreter language interpreter, networking code
network jammer unknown result
network scan unknown result
Novos install package automation routine, file interface, networking code
optimized targeter unknown result
optimizing code automation routine, math subroutine
pep program math subroutine
primitive translator language interpreter, automation routine
protein hijacker file interface
protein loop protein database
protein reader unknown result
protein receiver unknown result
protein seeder unknown result
quick scan unknown result
recursive integrator unknown result
relay code networking code, math subroutine
REM timer language interpreter, math subroutine
security updater automation routine, security patches
shining barrier unknown result
signal finder automation routine, math subroutine
signal triangulator unknown result
spider drone memory automation routine, math subroutine
software firewall networking code, security patches
target search networking code
the Tar Pit unknown result
thorough decompiler language interpreter, automation routine
updating firewall unknown result
unstable integrator unknown result
viral eavesdropper unknown result
viral formatter unknown result
viral injector file interface, viral code
viral interpreter networking code, viral code, language interpreter
vulnerability database security patches
vulnerability tester unknown result
white noise producer automation routine
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