Decorative Webbing


Image Spider-Web25.jpg
Description This sheet of decorative webbing looks really authentic, despite being made of spun polysteel when you look closer, but there's just way too much of it even if you wanted to coccoon an entire apartment. It's probably only really useful if you want to run a Halloween party.
Type Misc


Drops from Lurking Spider
Using a raven crate (sometimes)
Halloween 2020: Parking Garage: Eclectic Collection of Boxes


Spin Silk Strands with Decorative Webbing
Decorative Webbing Silk Strands
= 2 Decorative Webbing
Bulk out your Decorative Webbing with an actual Spider Skein
Decorative Webbing Spider Skein
= 3-4? Decorative Webbing
toolbox.jpg polysteel
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