For non-hacking use of this term, see combat for an overview or Melee Defense, Ranged Defense, Fire Defense, Etheric Defense or Stealth Defense for specifics.

An attribute on Novos hacking tools.

In game description:

Defend yourself against agressive software.


3 Inhuman Defense
2 Costume Change
Defensive Encryption
Forge Shield (or more with Hardening)
Spun Chaos (25% chance)
1 Character Defense (+1 more with Overzealous Assistance)
Inhuman Shift
Midgard Protection
Protein Scales
Secured Command
Secured Search
Security Update (only after another Defense)
Simple Filter
Fractal Shield (bonus defense for each function after it)
1 Reforged Shield (if first function in batch is Defense)

Modulated Amplification can give +Defense if Defense was previously used - unknown exact amount.

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