Recommended Omnimall Prices

This page is largely a work in progress. The vast majority of the items here will remain without a price unless/until trading them becomes common practice again. Easily obtainable crafting items will be priced based on their component pieces initial value and the amount of energy it takes to craft them.

Things that need to be done:
Capitalize the first letter of each word in each item's name.
I need to work out a chart for trade frequency and what the levels are.

These notices are just a checklist for me so that I can keep track of what I still need to do for the page, but feel free to help out if you're interested. Please do not put up prices on your own, I'm trying to work out some price formulas that would apply to the vast majority of the items. ~F.V.

Trade Frequency Rates

Frequency Definition
Commodity These items are in constant demand. This means that both orders to buy and to sell will be made often and fulfilled quickly.
Common These items are plentifully available, but may be purchased in bulk occasionally. This means that orders to buy or sell will be put up often, but they may not be fulfilled in a timely manner.
Intermittent These items fluctuate in demand when they are required for events. This means that orders to sell may be present frequently, but they are not likely to be fulfilled until an event requires that item to progress.
Rare These items are in low supply and/or in low demand.
Unique These items are all one-time releases or are only available on certain events or holidays. It is not presently possible to put a price on the majority of these items since trades involving them are few and far between.
Item Name Recommended Price Range Trade Frequency
571 Chip
Abstract Sketch
Achromatic Blade Unique
Achromatic Dust Unique
Achromatic Ingot Unique
Achromatic Mask Unique
Achromatic Mass Unique
Achromatic Metal Powder Unique
Achromatic Rifle Unique
Achromatic Slacks Unique
Achromatic Vest Unique
acidic dust
acidic sushi
acrid sashimi
actual antique watch
ad spider
ad template
advanced rangefinder
agar powder
all weather coat
Anarchist Cookbook
anarchist crowbar
anchor chain
ancient candybar
ancient focus
ancient gold coins
ancient money pouch
ancient notes
ancient rifle
ancient saber
ancient treasure chest
antique dueling pistol
antique needler
antique plasma TV
antique scope
antiquey watch
antiviral patch
anxiety killer
anxiety medication
aqua regia
aquatic jumpjet
argent heart
armored jacket
armored pants
armory supplies
arrayed scope
Arthur J. documents
artificial hound crystal
Arzac prescription
ashes of memory
assault rifle fittings
Atlas capsules
autolock sidearm
automation routine
autotargeting sidearm
autoturret memory
Autumn Coin Unique
backroom training ticket
bad poetry
bait bluegill
ballistic plastic
ballistic shield
BANG! Cola
bank information
basic scope
bat guano
bat wing
battered cred chip
battered dish segment
battered hammer
beating sludge heart
bell cookie
Benny Smith memory
berserk chip
biofeedback vest
biofeedback vest plans
biomonitor circuit
biomonitor kit
Biotech PDA
bitter toadstool
black bandage
black bayonet rifle
black cloth scrap
black crystal orb
black glass heart
black label chocolate
black liquor
black market chipdeck
Black Ops HUD
black pearl
black pearl sludge
black petals
black rose
black rose bloom
black rose bud
black shark tooth
black silver blade
black silver chain
black silver cloth
black silver ingot
black silver visor
black spider roll
black spores
black stone knuckles
black stone pants
black stone vest
black switchblade
blackened vest
blackmail material
Blackthorn Alpha
Blackthorn v5
Blackthorn v6
blank paper
blast visor
blazing PDA
Blindingly Festive LED Unique
blindshot visor
Blitz popper
bloodied knife
bloodied patch
bloody hand
bloody hook hand
Bloody Icicle Unique
bloody pants
bloody shirt
bloody switchblade
bluegill maki
bluegill sushi
bone club
bone edged chain
bone flakes
bone rounds
book of sailing stories
border slammer
brain staples single
branded champagne
brass knuckles
brilliant spark
broken bottle
buffered learntop
buffered PDA
buffered TZR
bulletproof vest
Buried Crown Rare
business plan
buzzing TZR
cable tangle
cabling nest
caffeine IV
caffeine powder
candy apple
candy bowl
candy bricks
candy bullets
candy corn
candy eyeball
canned artichoke hearts
canned gravy
canned green beans
capacitor array
caramel apple
caramel bar
carrot nose
Castor capsule
cavalry saber
channeled emitter
chaotic firewall
chaotic tester
charged golem heart
charged sludge heart
charred firework
charred patch
cheap pistol
chemistry kit
chemistry papers
Chess for Beginners
children's paint set
chip junkie sidearm
chloroauric acid
chocolate gelt
christmas tree cookie
circuit fragments
clam cut
clam meat
clam sushi
classic handgun
classic switchblade
classic watch
clean sandwich
Clear Virus Ornament Unique
clip of explosive bullets
clip of silver bullets
Coal Ornament Unique
code injector
code on paper Common
coder's watch
cold present
cold rib
cold skull
cold syringe
comfy jeans
comm dish core
comm of the dead
commemorative bucket
compromising memory core
concentrated venom
containment helmet
containment suit pants
containment suit top
cookie tin
core formatter
core formatter plans
cracked baseball bat
cracked pipe
cracked spores
crackling branch
crackling coil
crafted candy bowl
cranberry sauce
crate of drugs
crate of Eclipse
crate of explosives
crawling golem heart
crawling slime mold
crazed tract
creepy clown statue
crisped bat wing
crude skull mask
Crying Roll
crystal Blackthorn
crystal dust
crystal hand
crystal hawk feather
crystal owl feather
crystal raven feather
crystal spike
crystal syringe
crystal tester
crystalline flame
crystalline mushroom
Cuban cigar
cultured pearl
cup of Joe
cured shark hide
cursed head
custom flak jacket
cut Nova
cut of tentacle
cycle chain
daily tester
damaged Zaibatsu crate
damp seaweed
dancing blade
dangerous firework
dark chocolate lump
darter sashimi
darter sushi
data scrubber
death's head roll
decaying rib
deep file scan
defensive jammer
dehydrated eyedrops
delicious puffball
depth charge
deputy tracker
descrambled TV
destroying angel
dirty old trenchcoat
dirty rags
disgusting slug
dish segment
dissolved pearl
distressed pants
dock pike
Dock Roll
doll head
draught of breath
drenched pants
dried fish
dried fish maki
dried fish strip
dried fish sushi
dual armored vest
dual learntop
dumb pda
dysfunctional PDA
eager fish
eavesdropping tools
echo capacitors
Eclipse patch
Eclipse sapphire
Eclipse slammer
Eclipse syringe
Eclipse whiskey
ectoplasmic sample
edible mushroom
eel maki
egg salad sandwich
Electrical Engineering I
Electrical Engineering II
Electrical Engineering III
electrical kit
elegantly torn pants
Emerald Gift bowl
Emerald Gift doll
Emerald Gift party hat
Emerald Gift sample
Emerald Gift scrapbook
Emerald Gift ticket
emerald lollipop
empty can
empty candy bowl
empty champagne bottle
empty clip
empty punch bowl
endangered squid
enhanced firework
entertainment sidearm
entertainment visor
espresso doppio
Eternal Sparkler Unique
etheric focus
eurasian handcannon
everything dog
examination glasses
executive sidearm
expanded gold learntop
expanded handheld
expanded learntop
expanded PDA
explosive candy
Extreme Bass player
Extreme Bass XIII Player
Extreme Challenge Hook
Extreme Cheater's Line
Extreme Chemical Worm
Extreme Fishing Hook
Extreme Floating Lure
Extreme gift package
Extreme Sinking Lure
Extreme Tackle Box
Eye Roll
eyedrop dust
eyeless eel
fae plush
fair trade coffee
fake christmas tree
fake skull mask
Fang PDA
Fangs' encrypted files
fanmod Idoru
fast PDA
feathered cloak
festive candy cane
festive knit hat
fiery blob
file interface
file scan
filled toolbox
filmy bandage
filtered HUD
filthy baseball bat
filthy duster
filthy fishing line
filthy old sack
filthy pistol
fireworks shades
firing range plans
first aid kit
fist patch
flashy switchblade
flask of tears
fleshy coins
flickering spark
flower chip
focused needler
foil wrapped present
formatted memory core
fortified coffee grounds
fortune cookie
fractal cheat
fractal code
fractal loop
fractal tester
frag grenades
fragile antique blade
fragile puffball
frat party fliers
frayed cable
french vanilla latte
fresh cred chip
fresh mollusk
freshwater eel
friendly roll
frigid scarf
front row memory
front row ticket
frosty bone chips
frosty claw
frosty roll
frosty snowman cookie
frosty top hat
fuming acid
functioning pda
fundraising bucket
fundraising ribbon
fungus spear
fused blade
fused breastplate
fused pistol
fused plates
fused polysteel
garbage sticker
gas grenades
gas mask
gel baton
gel shield
genuine hawk feather
genuine owl feather
genuine raven feather
ghoul cell culture
ghoul elixir
ghoul maw
ghoul teeth
giant bat wing
giant clam roll
giant paper mache head
giant pike
giant puffball
giant snowflake
gilt chocolate coins
gilt heart
gilt snowflake
gilt truffle
gingerbread man
gnarled branch
gold firework
gold foil
gold framed spectacles
gold knuckles
gold learntop
gold pda
gold pearl
gold powder
gold processor
gold TZR
gold dual learntop
golden key
grain alcohol
grave mushrooms
Green Glass Ornament Unique
green treat bucket
grilled panini
gritty ointment
gruesome battle sketch
guard helm
hackers' memories
hackers' memory core
half of a sandwich
Halloween ribbon
Halloween Sample Track
Halloween security badge
Halloween skeleton
Halloween ticket
hand of glory
handcrafted blade
handcrafted PDA
handmade pistol
handmade rifle
handmade snowflake
Happy Dragon Meal
hard pumpkin cider
hardened blade
hardened cloth
hardened PDA
hardened plastic
hardened switchblade
haunted bat
headless doll
headless voodoo doll
heavy baton
heavy fishing pole
heavy pistol
heavy puffball
heavy riot shield
hefty wrench
helidrone memory
hidden heart
high test fishing line
highmem TZR
History of the Orbital Wars
HKGames helmet
holiday fruit cake
holiday sweater
holocaust coat
hooked chain
horrible black coffee
hound crystal
hound drone memory
hound dust
hound Eclipse
HUD Manager
hungry ooze
hunter focus
hunter sidearm
hunter's heart
hunting spear
hustler's coat
hustler's cue
icicle fang
icicle ornament
Icy chip
Idoru nurse
ika sashimi
ika sushi
imaginary spear
immaculate suit coat
immersive visor
Imperial Dragon Meal
improbable gun
improved visor
improvised ballistic cloth
inactive analyzer
inactive SDmicro
industrial hair gel
industrial heart
inert cell culture
infection attempts
infused petals
inky Eclipse
inky sapphire
inlaid saber
inspiring horn
inspiringly creepy sketch
inspiringly cyclic sketch
inspiringly detailed sketch
inspiringly direct sketch
inspiringly strange sketch
Instaheat soup
interoffice memo
intrusive jammer
intrusive search
investigator's hat
IV bag
jagged baton
jagged hawk talon
jagged knuckles
jumbo hot dog
juryrigged bridge
kidnappers syringe
kid's flippers
Killers 3
kingly blade
knit cap
knockoff katana
kraken ink
kraken roll
kraken's heart
KZR needler
lab visor
lake bluegill
lake pearl
lake perch
lake squid
lakebottom rock
large mushroom
larval acid
lashing golem heart
last meal
layered aquatic fabric
lead pipe
leftover turkey sandwich Unique
legal firework
Legion tract
lieutenant's shades
light armored vest
limited edition Idoru
lined coat
lined pants
linked handheld
liquified Eclipse
list of names
live cable
living sludge heart
locker key
lonely travel sketch
long clip
long range scanner
loose scales
lost hook
lucky cap
lukewarm latte
lump of coal
macabre gift
mad surgeon's kit
maddening search
magnetic coil
magnetic sidearm
mailing list
marshmallow bat
mashed potatoes
mass of guano
mass of squid eyes
massive beak
massive hunting knife
massive pearl
massive snowflake fragment
massive tentacle
massive weapons crate
math subroutine
Matsuo finale
mauled fishing hook
MBR antidote
MBR sample
meaty haunch
medical tears
medicine pouch
memory sidearm
memory stick
metallic oil
metallic powder
metallic powder rounds
Metroplex slugger
Metros Light
Metros Special
micro rocket
Midgard Blackthorn
Midgard blastshield
Midgard candy popper
Midgard cap
Midgard Internal Code Rare
Midgard MK9
Midgard MK11a
Midgard Party Crate Unique
Midgard Player
Midgard Protection Suite Common
Midgard protector
Midgard riot shield
Midgard shrieker
Midgard tester
Mikhail's Grill Platter Common
Mikhail's Jumbo Platter Common
mimetic pants
mimetic sheet
mimetic vest
mini caramel bar
Miniature Christmas Tree Unique
misty gem
misty pill
mock Y5
modern assault rifle
modernized rifle
module chip
moist cookies
mollusk roll
mollusk strip
mollusk sushi
Molotov cocktail
Monday chip
monitored Midgard Player
monitoring vest
mottled crystals
mountaineer pants
mud eel
mud eel nigiri
mud eel sashimi
Mud Roll
mummy mask
mummy wrappings
mushroom spade
mutant cell culture
mutant cell sample
My Little Idoru
mysterious ash
mysterious puzzle box
navigator's glasses
navigator's penknife
necrotic vial
needler rifle
network interpreter
network jammer
network scan
networking code
neural bridge
neural networking paper
new fishing pole
New Year's blowout
nice shades
night on the town
nightmare fuel
noir retro hat
Nova slammer
numbing chip
numbing IV
numbing skull
nuts and bolts
octopus eye
offensive shirt
office thermos
oily balm
oily dust
oily roll
oily sashimi
oily spear
oily sushi
old coins
old cola bottle
old composite rod
old fairy tales
old family ornament
old fishing pole
old jacket
old PDA
old pill bottle
old pipe
old scalpel
old spectacles
old switchblade
OmniTech Employee Chip Unique
OmniTech learntop
Omnitech supplies crate
Omnitech trauma bandage
optical array
optical bracelet
optical clip
optical HUD
optical needler
optical rangefinder
optical sensor
optical sidearm
optical vest
optical visor
optimized targeter
optimizing code
orange juice sample
orderly code
ordinary scarf
organ transport box
organic dust
ornate letter opener
ostentatious blade
outlaw coat
Owl's Mask
painted snowflake
palace spear
panacea pill
paper boat
paper cast
paper dust
paper mache
paper mask
partially digested fish
party mask
passable coffee
passthrough visor
PDA chassis
peace patch
peanut butter candy
pearl liquor
pearled shark tooth
pep pill
pep program
perch roll
perch sashimi
perch sushi
personal comm dish
personal focus
petrol gem
petrol sludge
pike sashimi
pike sushi
pimp hat
pistol fittings
pitted chain
pitted thermos
plasmic acid
platelet booster
pledge hat
polar cable
police scanner
poltergeist solution
polysteel can
polysteel mask
polysteel support
porous crystal
potent painkiller
powdered glass
powerful acid
practice range ticket
preserved cell culture
pressed slacks
primitive translator
processed sugar
processor chip
programmatic poetry
promotional pamphlet
protein analyzer
protein bar
protest sign
prototype coat
prototype vest
psychopath's knife
pulsating eye
pumpkin bucket
pumpkin lollipop
punk jacket
punk pants
purple tea
putrid blob
putrid mass
putrid sapphire
Quantum Mechanics
quick draw holster
quick scan
quivering needler
quivering rifle
quivering steel
quivering switchblade
quivering sword
RAGE bar
RAGE cola
raiding database
rangefinder bracelet
ratty suit coat
ratty suit pants
ratty top hat
Raven's Eyes
raw bluegill
raw heart
razor knuckles
reactive gel
reactive mask
reactive pants
reactive vest
rebreather mask
rebuilt learntop
reconstructed doll
recorded Blitz
recorded consideration
recorded pause
recorded speed
recorded strain
red dust
red flakes
red glass ornament
red hot pipe
red toadstool
redlensed goggles
refilled pill bottle
refined petrol
refitted switchblade
refitted Y4
reflective baton
reflexive jumpjet
refurbished baseball bat
regal crown
reindeer sweater
reinforced chain
reinforced cloth
reinforced pants
reinforced surgical mask
relay code
REM timer
remains of a coat
replica katana
replica sword
resetter's ribbon
retooled rifle
retro assault rifle
retro PDA
retrofitted needler
retrofitted scanner
retromodern scope
reused syringe
rinsed squid eyes
riot baton
ritzy soda
rocket fuse
rocky spores
roman candle
Rose Balm
Roy's Secret Sauce Unique
rum flask
rusted gun
safety learntop
safety loop
sailing cap
sailing pants
sailing shirt
sailor's charm
salvaged pipe
salvaging tools
sashimi knife
satirical poetry
scaled pants
scaled vest
scarred fishing pole
scarred silver mask
scientist's claw
scorched glass shards
scorched watch
scraped bone
scrubs bottoms
scrubs top
sculpted glass virus
SDnano memory
SDnano memory stick
SDnano prototype
sea journal
Sea Sapphire
secondhand line
security patches
security trial
security updater
security visor
serpent knuckles
serpent venom gland
serpent's staff
shadowy heart
shaman staff
shaman's brew
shaman's dust
shark fillet
shark hide baton
shark hide pants
shark hide vest
shark roll
shark sashimi
shark sushi
shark tooth
shark tooth blade
sharp stick
sheet of scales
sheet of white plastic
sheet toga
shielded emitter
shielded jumpjet
shining barrier
shining blade
shining cloth
shining ingot
shining knuckles
shining mask
shining vest
shiny butcher knife
shivering cable
shivering cell culture
shock shield
shorted cable
shorted TV
shotgun rounds
shriveled hand
signal analysis circuit
signal buffer
signal finder
silk top hat
silver baton
silver blade
silver darter
silver Eclipse
silver glass ornament
silver ingot
silver knuckles
silver mask
silver roll
silver switchblade
silverware remnants
skullfish nigiri
skullfish sashimi
Slags cheatsheets
Slags IV
Slags medical file
slags roll
slammer bottle
slice of apple pie
slick holdout
slick shades
slimy bandage
slimy cloth
slimy Eclipse
smart clip
smelly old pants
smoking blob
smoking cinders
smoking Eclipse
smoking talons
smoky glass visor
smoldering coal
smoldering Skull
smooth Nova
Smuggler Roll
smuggler's Crate
sniper Rifle
Snowflake Sweater Unique
snowman Song
snowy Cookie Tin
soaked Cell Sample
soaked Eclipse
soaked Newspaper
software Firewall
solstice Coin
Southside Beatstick
Southside Blend
Southside Panini
sparkling Eclipse
sparkling Petals
sparkling Spores
sparring Ring Plans
special Brew
spider Cell Culture
spider Drone Leg
spider Drone Memory
spider Eggs
spider Nest
spider Venom Sample
spiked Cloth
spiked Punch Bowl
Spring Coin Unique
squid Nest Roll
squirming Heart
stained Bandages
stalker's Knife
star Sugar Cookie
staring Maki
staring Octopus Eye
staring Shard
steady Sidearm
steel Baton
steel Clad Bat
steel Ingot
steel Knuckles
steel Mask
steel Scrap
steel Switchblade
stimulant Dust
stolen Crate
stone Heart
stone Horn
stone Spider Chitin
stone Spider Leg
Stone's Beatstick
Stone's Pistol
stopped Watch
strange Eyedropper
strange Pants
strange Punch
strange Watch
student PDA
study Chip
stuffed Llama
sugar Pill
sugary Eclipse
super Holowatch
Survey of Modern Poetry
sushi Kit
Sushi Nori Commodity
Sushi Rice Common
suspicious Rifle
swirling Maelstrom Sketch
switchblade Handle
sword Hilt
talking Doll
tamed Fire
target Gallery Plans
target List
target Search
Targeted Jumpjet
targeting Algorithm
targeting Bracelet
targeting Circuit
targeting Scope
tarnished Coins
Tattered Newspaper Page Common
team Jacket
tendril Culture
tendril Drops
tendril Ointment
tentacle Sushi
Thanksgiving Turkey Unique
the Best Helmet
The Claw
The Eye
the Hammer's Sledge
the Intimidator
the Over/Under
The Tar Pit
thermos of Joe Common
thick Baton
thick Cabling
thick Vest
thin Shiv
Third Eye Shirt Common
Third Eye Stash
Third Eye Vest
third Hand Pipe
tiny Black Pearls
tiny Blue Toadstool Rare
tiny Brown Toadstool Rare
tiny Candy Cane Common
tiny Gift Unique
tiny Gingerbread Man Common
tiny Green Toadstool Rare
tiny Red Toadstool Rare
tiny Squid Eyes
titanic Jawbreaker
toadstool Oil
torso Wrappings
tough Cloth Rare
toxic Bandage
toxic Crystal
toxic Eclipse
toxic Octopus Eye
toxic Spear
toxic Squid Eyes
toxic Tears
tracking Chip
trade Secrets
traditional Armored Vest
tranquilizing Cocktail
trash Golem Heart
trauma Reference
treasured Musket
treated Cell Culture
trick or Treat Note Unique
trick Sidearm
truly Abstract Sketch
twin Firework Unique
twin Mushrooms
twisted Cell Culture
twisted Firework Unique
twisted Spider Limb
twisting Silver Blade
twitch Controller
twitch Learntop
twitch PDA
twitch Visor
twitching Bat Wing
TZR Chipdeck
unagi Sushi
unbootable PDA
unearthly Coin 45,000-50,000 Commodity
unending Chain
unformatted Memory Core
university Jack O' Lantern
unlabeled Music
unlined Pants
unlined Vest
unlucky Cap
unmelting Snowflakes
unreal Drip
unsealed Pants
unsealed Top
unsettling Loop
Unshielded Jumpjet
Unstable Emitter
Unused Y4
Updated Scanner
Updating Firewall
Uplinked Sidearm
Urban Legends, Vol. 1
Used Rocket
Utility Blowtorch
Vampire Cape
Vegetarian Roll
Venomous Angel
Verified Contacts
Vicious Chain
Vicious Holdout
Vintage Suit Coat
Vintage Suit Pants
Viral Code
Viral Eavesdropper
Viral Filter
Viral Formatter
Viral Injector
Viral Interpreter
Viral Mass
Viral Model
Viral Search
Virtual Pet Bass
Virulent Cell Culture
Virulent Cell Sample
Visor Frame
Vulnerability Database
Vulnerability Tester
Warm Latte
Warring Samples
Warty Toadstool
Watch of Tomorrow
Water Sapphire
Waterlogged Crate
Waterlogged PDA
Waterlogged Sack
Waterlogged Shirt
Waterlogged Shorts
Weeping Heart
Wetsuit Fabric
Wetsuit Pants
Wetsuit Top
Whiskey Bottle
White Flakes
White Glass Ornament
White Noise Producer
Wicked Knife
Windfall Nigiri
Windfall Sashimi
Wired Sidearm
Withered Tendrils
Wolfman Mask
Wrapping Pants
Wreath of Laurels
Wriggling Worm
Writhing Cable
Writhing Cell Sample
Writhing Golem Heart
Writhing Spear
Yellow Virus Ornament Unique
Yellowing Map
Zaibatsu TZR
Zalian Defense Tool
Zombie Pants
Zombie Shirt
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