Desperate Dock Guard



Encounter Conditions

Only on Dr. Thomas Quest and have a crate of Eclipse in inventory
Given the Desperate Dockhand a crate of Eclipse

Initial Text

You hear hushed voices echoing through the maze of crates. Carefully following the sound, you see one of the security guards shaking down a dock hand.

His voice raises as you pause to listen. "Where are you getting it? I need some Eclipse, man! Tell me!" Looks like he'll hurt the dock hand pretty badly if this goes on much longer.

Summary of Choices

  1. Break it up - Fight Dock Security
  2. Offer Eclipse for Peace (Good) - Lose crate of Eclipse; triggers Warm Coin
  3. Sell him Eclipse - Sell crate of Eclipse for 50 (or 100?) credits; triggers Cool Coin
  4. Leave them (evil) - Nothing?

Choice Text and Results

Break it up

As you rush in, the dock hand bolts, leaving the security guard to face you alone. He screams "Get the hell out of here lowlife!" and charges you, baton swinging.

(Fight Dock Security)

Offer Eclipse for Peace (Good (1))

"Hmmmm?" he cocks his head up to look at you. "You got some? Good, this bastard's holding out." He tosses the dock worker to the ground.

He accepts the crate, while his victim runs off, unnoticed. "Looks good," he peels an Eclipse off a figurine in the crate, then pops it in his mouth.

"WOoooOOooo, yeah, that's the stuff."

Sell him Eclipse (evil (1))

"You wanna sell me a crate?" he looks up at you, then throws the dock worker to the ground. "Fine, these bastards are holdin' out anyway. I'll give you a cool fifty for it, that's all I can afford."

You gained 50 credits!

Leave them (evil (1))

You walk away from the scene and hear a loud crunching noise behind you, followed by a scream. A moment later, the scream is cut off by a wet gurgle.

See Walk Away

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