Didn't Make It



Encounter Conditions

Run out of Dying Artist energy.


The artist on your back draws one last, raspy breath, then stops. His body crumbles to dust in moments, drifting on the wind.

(If in the Charnel House, the following paragraph is added)
Soon, the entire building seems to join him and you find yourself back near the Waterfront. Fire and black stone give way to old concrete and the ever-present smell of dying fish.

That was it, then… you couldn't save him. He died right there.

Something snaps inside you and dozens of faces dance through your memory. None of them have names attached, but you know each of them died horribly.

You're only able to snap yourself out of it by promising it won't happen or at least won't happen again. Even before the thought has left you, it feels like a lie.

You've learned a new Skill: Driven Healer

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