Digging Arm


Image burrowingarm.jpg
Description This arm was intended for a Midgard drone, but you could probably have it hooked to you at any cyberclinic if you were so inclined. It seems prepared for delicate operations when it's hooked up to a drone, but it shouldn't work nearly so well hooked up to a human being's nervous system.
Type Cyber (Cyberarms)
Requires 4 Body
Effects +4 Strength
+2 Melee Power
-6 Reflexes


Defeating a burrowing drone with salvaging tools equipped (sometimes)
Collapsed Dorm: Rubble Trouble
Trash Golem (Hollow Dorms only)


Winning a combat against a Burrowing Drone with a digging arm installed gives:

You've learned a new technique: Burrowing Arm

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg circuit fragments, frayed cable, steel ingot
GoldCoins.jpg .16 Goods
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