Attacks that are hard to avoid.

Legend (technique derived from)
Limited time content Quests
Unearthly Quest derivatives
Unearthly derivatives No trade
Not learnable Other

Techniques that do direct damage

Note: Unlike other damage types, there are no techniques of type "Direct" explicitly. There are however several type "None" techniques that do direct damage, in addition to other technique forms.

Other techniques that do Direct damage

Summary of Direct Techniques

Technique Chain Stat Power Notes
Envenomed Fang 0 2 Only vs No Organs
Shield Block 3 Strength 3 Only with shock shield equipped
Gas Grenade 4 Reflexes 4 Avoid vs Air Filter
Smother 4 Will 4 Avoid vs No Organs
Defensive Burn 5 Will ? Only following Etheric Techniques
Whiteout 5 Reflexes 10 Only following Prison of Ice
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