Dirty Pool


Image dirtypool.jpg
Description A stealth attack that deals more damage when you can distract your opponent
Chain 4
Type Stealth
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 3
Special +4 Base Damage when your Reflexes is higher than the target's Perception

Attack Summary

Condition Base
If your Reflexes ≤ opponent's Perception 3
You attempt to distract <opponent>, but they see through your ruse and the attack only deals <X> damage.
If your Reflexes ≤ opponent's Perception with hustler's cue equipped 5
You take <opponent> off-guard, cracking it with your pool cue for <X> damage.
If your Reflexes > opponent's Perception 7
You distract <opponent> with some sleight of hand, then strike suddenly for <X> damage.


After a successful action of "Cheat" at Pool Game.
Subsequent choices of "Play to learn" at Pool with a Pro.

Used by (opponents)

Pool Shark
Ragged Bum

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