Dirty Trick


Image dirtytrick.jpg
Description Stealth attack most effective the first time used each combat
Chain 6
Type Stealth
Attribute Reflexes
Base Damage 4
Special +4 Base Damage the first time it's used each combat

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normal 8
You distract <opponent> then toss the nearest sharp object at him, dealing <X> damage.
On Repeated Use 4
<Opponent> catches on to your dirty tricks. You still toss the nearest sharp object at him for <X> damage.


Rereading a rotting journal
Using a backroom training ticket
Training in Target Gallery at gang hideout
Training in Sparring Ring at gang hideout
Training with the Fang at the Smuggler's Market for 1 old coin

Used by (Opponents)

Ragged Bum

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