Discount Cyberclinic


Front Of The Store


If you're looking for "vulgar" cyberware, you've come to right place. Maybe you want to live dream? Maybe you hate job and want to get fired? Maybe you just want to show parents who's boss?

I don't care. We install anything for 100 credits in back.

Item Price Type
pairs of cat eyes 200 credits each Cybereyes
sets of head spikes 250 credits each Neuralware
scaled arms 400 credits each Cyberarms
pairs of goat legs 400 credits each Cyberlegs
pairs of angelic wings 600 credits each Bodyware
pairs of dark wings 750 credits each Bodyware

In The Back


The doctor leads you back into a dingy chamber, where the scent of industrial cleaners barely covers the scent of blood and charred… something… bone maybe.

He'll install or remove whatever you want, but charges 100 credits for each

Request Installation:

You have some options to install.

<List of cyber parts you have>

Request Removal:

They can remove cyberware along with installing it. According to the signs, he gets to keep any cyberware that's removed. Ewww.

<List of parts installed>

After installation:

The doctor cuts at you for what seems like forever, until the minimal anesthetic begins to fade. When the pain finally stops, you see he's replaced your old flesh and blood with some new <cyberware>.

You've gained 10*<body cost> duration of Cyber Sickness.

Trying to install a second implant while any Cyber Sickness Effects are active:

The cyberdoc shakes his head. "I'm sorry, but it's important that you let one implant properly settle before you start with another. Your healing rate is… surprising, but I don't think you're ready for another new implant just yet."

Trying to install without enough body left:

The cyberdoc shakes his head. "I'm sorry, but I don't think we can perform any more modification with all these… chemicals in your system. I'd suggest taking some time to detox."

Trying to install with another implant from the same category already installed:

The cyberdoc shakes his head. "I'm sorry, but I don't think we can perform any more modification there with the <cyberware> you already have in place."

Trying to install without enough credits:

It doesn't look like you can afford to use the facility here.

After uninstallation:

He straps you down, cutting out your <cyperparts> and leaving you to recuperate.

Removal of effects

Installing or removing a cyberpart can also remove some effects you have active. See cyberware for details.

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