Distance represents how far you are from your opponent during a round of combat.

When you maneuver in combat, the Chain value of your Techniques represents how close or far you're trying to keep your enemy. Your enemy's Techniques also have Chain values, although they may not be immediately apparent.

Distance is the total of your Chain value with your opponent's Chain value and represents what distance the exchange actually ends up at.

A total of six or less is considered "Short Distance." A total of twelve or more is considered "Long Distance."

For example: If you do a Punch (chain 3) and your opponent Dives for Cover (chain 4), the distance between you and your opponent is 7.

If your opponent doesn't do anything, the formula is not exactly known, and seems to vary in certain contexts. See discussion for ongoing spading.

For details, see:


Spading Distance

All techniques that opponents use have a chain value associated with it, just like your normal techniques do — a number between 0-9. Some techniques/equipment/skills gain bonuses/penalties when used at certain distances.

Before ~February 2012, the only way to figure out chain numbers for unknown techniques was to observe them in action on opponents. Eg. if they chain Dive for Cover [4]-Punch [3]-Unknown Technique [?], the Unknown Technique must be chain 2. This can get more complicated with opponents that have more unknown techniques or shorter chains; often several opponents must be considered as a whole to figure out their chain numbers.

With the implementation of Grappler Gauntlets, the Distance formula was formalized and previously un-spadable techniques could be found.

Here are techniques that can be used to spade distance:

Use to distinguish between Short Techs Long Techs
0 or lower or 1 or higher [6]
1 or lower or 2 or higher [5] Shotgun Burst
2 or lower or 3 or higher [4] Dust Conflagration
[4] Crystal Spines (NPC only)
[9] In the Sights
[9] Longarm
3 or lower or 4 or higher [3] Leg Block [8] Juryrigged Rocket
[8] Microrocket (with rangefinder)
[8] Rushing Image
4 or lower or 5 or higher [2] Downward Stab
[2] Gnawing Mask
[2] Grappler Jab
[2] Spider Grip
[2] Sink Spidery Limbs (NPC only)
[7] Petrifying Roar
5 or lower or 6 or higher [1] Organ Grab (NPC-only) [6]
6 or lower or 7 or higher [0] [5]
7 or lower or 8 or higher [4] Cyberbowl Rush
8 or lower or 9 or higher [3]


  • Grappler Gauntlets gives a bonus to Melee Power at short distance — usable to spade an exact chain value as long as it is in the range of 0-7 and the opponent has a finite amount of Melee Defense.
  • Whispers from the Stars gives a bonus to Etheric Power — usable to spade an exact chain value as long as the opponent has a finite amount of Etheric Defense.
  • On the Edge could potentially be used, but currently can only be used against Flying Eyes whose chain numbers are already known.
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