Do Nothing


Image DoNothing.jpg
Description Does nothing
Chain 5
Type None
Attribute None
Base Damage None
Base Defense None
Special A filler Technique when a deck is under fifteen cards or you run out of Techniques in battle

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You do nothing.


  • If your deck has less than 15 Techniques, this message appears:

(Deck name) modified.

It currently only has (0-14) cards in it. Additional 'Do Nothing' DoNothing.jpg Techniques will be inserted to bring the number up to fifteen.

  • If your deck has 15 Techniques or more, but you use up so many that less than five are left for you to chose from, these are inserted automatically.


Does nothing. If you use only a Do Nothing on a round of combat, it behaves the same as if had attacked with an empty chain, and discards your current hand and draws again. If you don't have any techniques left in your deck, you lose the combat. This does not happen if you use Do Nothing along with other techniques in the same round. You can use this technique to link Chain 4 and Chain 6 techniques together.

Using Do Nothing still seems to count as using a technique for the purposes of unopposed bonuses.

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