Dock Chat



Encounter Conditions

Only while not etheric


Two dock workers seem to be taking a break, sharing a thermos of hot coffee and some stories. One of the men motions you to sit down.


  1. Sit down to chat - Get a cup of Joe
  2. Charge in with guns blazing (evil) - Fight two dockhands
  3. Collect the Fangs' debts (only when helping Fangs in Docks quest) (evil) - Fight a Dockhand or gain 15-20 credits
  4. Wander off - Nothing

Sit down to chat

One of the dock workers offers you a cup of coffee as you grab a seat.

You sit back and join in their conversation. They don't seem too concerned about the constant procession of gangs through the docks or the abuses of dock security, but do talk at great length about a sea serpent in the lake named "Metsie."

One of the dockhands launches into a long story about how his father snagged the beast with a harpoon but wasn't able to bring her down.

The other man agrees that he too has heard the serpent's eerie songs. Unlike his coworker, he seems legitimately shaken.

You found: cup of Joe

Charge in guns blazing (evil (2))

The dockhands look aghast, but prepare to defend themselves.

(Fight two Dockhands)

Collect the Fang's debts (evil (1))

The dockhands seem appropriately cowed, handing over the money they owe, plus interest. You don't actually know their tabs, but they seem scared enough they're probably paying out.

You gained 15-20 credits!

or, trigger unknown; appears to be semi random at least; Got this once at 4 (7) Will but also the above result without any change in equipment

One of the dockhands stands up to defend himself. It's hard to say whether it's desperation or if he senses some sort of weakness.

Either way, he seems intent on fighting you off.

(fight a Dockhand)

Wander off

Walk away?

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