Docks Fishing



Encounter Conditions

Must have fishing pole equipped.
(Bonus condition: High Test is active)
(Optional: unearthly coin has been flipped)
(Alternate possible effect if all conditions above are met)
(may be on or off etheric - possibly need etheric to encounter the coinflip+hightest serpent?)


Wandering through the docks, you eventually find a well placed pile of crates to fish behind. You manage to stay out of sight and get in some good fishing time.

Man, you didn't hook anything. Must be the weather or something.
You found: items - see list below

(And sometimes, if your fishing skill improves)
You've gotten better at fishing.

If you are etheric, had flipped an unearthly coin prior and with high test active, this message gets attached:

A massive serpent rises from the lake, your fishing hook latched to the corner of its mouth. It stares down at you as water cascades off its form.

You can faintly hear the sounds of dock hands screaming and running over the serpent's roar.

Fight lake serpent


See Fishing.
Known possible results:

  • old composite rod (once per reset, doesn't count towards your fishing yield limit. Got the fishing skill the very next fishing encounter at least twice now, but may be coincidence. Gives the following message:)

You pull up an old composite fishing rod. Lucky!

  • Fight a lake serpent (requires High Test and unearthly coin flip - but doesn't always appear with those prerequisites met?) (the serpent seems to drop 1-2 special 'coin' fish, 1 'heavy' item, and additional normal fish and/or high test fishing lines)
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