Docks Flags

This page documents the hidden counters/flags for the docks area.

Charnel House (reopened)

"Ghoul Pursuit" flag

This resets on beta reset (or decremented manually).

Changes to this flag

"Walls destroyed" flag

This resets on beta reset.

Increasing walls destroyed

  • Dry Riverbed Hammer at it, Try some dynamite or Break out the NitroX

"Exploration" flag

This resets each time you leave the area.
Needs more details. The following encounters are locked until you explore deep enough:

Increasing exploration

  • General adventuring seems to get you to the lake after 8-12 energy (is it specific encounters increasing this counter?)
  • Fae in the Fog can greatly accelerate this if you have Fae Sight.

Midgard Warehouse

"Site panic" flag

The site panic resets daily.

Increasing panic

  • Combat: 1x Midgard Security ("hold it"): +1 panic (if you win)
  • Combat: 1x Midgard Security ("halt, intruder"): +1 panic (if you win)
  • Combat: 2x Midgard Security ("move it"): +3 panic (if you win)
  • Combat: 3x Midgard Security ("any more of this"): +unlock spider drone (if you win)


"Killed spider drone" flag

The killed spider drone flag resets on beta reset, or on specifics mentioned below.

  • Starting a new run, the spider drone is unlocked in these three encounters:
  • Once you kill the drone, the above three encounters are locked.
  • If you win against the 3x guard encounter, the above three encounters are re-unlocked.
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