Dockside Sewers


This area is found on The Docks.

Note: This area has a different set of encounters before completing the Docks Quest, see Dockside Sewers (before quest).

This area counts as underground, indoors.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
coffee.jpg bluegangerthug.jpg As you wander the sewers, you hear a voice shout "You!"

Whipping around, you see a furious, almost incoherent Fang tough charging at you.
bluegangerthug.jpgx2 Wandering through the depths of the sewers you hear a shout behind you. "You! This is all your fault!"

You turn to discover two Fang enforcers with looks of absolute fury etched on their faces.
If you hadn't killed everyone in the Sewer Hideout
Eclipse.jpg ratking.jpg A terrible shriek echoes through the tunnels, followed by a mass of rats. They rush towards you, focused as though they're possessed of one will.
Eclipse.jpg seaserpent.jpg You're captivated for a moment by the beautiful movements of the sewage in one of the larger tunnels.

It takes you several seconds to realize the movements are actually a massive serpent rising up through the sewage.
Eclipse.jpg Swarm-of-Bats100.jpg As you make your way through the tunnels, you hear a squeaking from above you. You risk a glance up and see a massive swarm of bats bearing down on you.

A moment later, you're surrounded by a cocoon of beady eyes and beating wings.
ghoul.jpg A guttural howl echoes through the sewers. As you try to find its source, an emaciated figure drops from the ceiling, baring its teeth. Only when Problems on the Docks is not completed
SewnZombie.jpg As you pass a particularly deep stream of sewage, you feel a vice-like pain clamping down on your ankle. You look down to see a corpse, its mouth stitched shut, pulling itself out of the sewage by your ankle. Only with Servant of the Mask

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Eclipse.jpg Curious Fae Gain 10 energy of Fae Blessing Only with jar of poison in inventory?
Eclipse.jpg Dance in the Sewage Gain 20 energy of Fae Blessing; Also gain Fae Eyes if completing the Dock Song quest Only after poisoning the fish person or Fae Sight active
fishingpole.jpg And They'd Be Right See Fishing for details
PDA.jpg Midgard Relay Net Relevant to the Golden Chip's Backbone Control With Juryrigged Antenna and Sewer Relay
PDA.jpg Sewer Relay Relevant to the Golden Chip's Backbone Control With Juryrigged Antenna and Sewer Relay, after viewing a Relay Connection enough

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Sewer Rat

  1. Charge the Rat - Fight Angered Rat (if etheric) or Cornered Rat (otherwise)
  2. Wade through - Gain 5 energy of Vile Camouflage
  3. Dart Past - (if you fail a Reflexes test): Fight Cornered Rat
    (if you pass): Bypass with no energy loss.
    OR (if etheric): sometimes gain 3 XP in Strength and 5 energy of Vile Camouflage

coffee.jpg Graffiti
  1. Follow the old graffiti - Gain 2-4 of: battered cred chip, Eclipse, heavy pistol, refilled pill bottle
  2. Follow the new graffiti - Fight 2 Dockside Gangers
  3. Ignore both - Nothing

coffee.jpg Bat Colony
  1. Rile them up - Fight a Bat Swarm
  2. Grab some guano - (if equipped with gas mask, containment helmet or reinforced surgical mask) Gain Bat Guano
    (otherwise) 5 energy of vile camouflage and fight Bat Swarm (updated? Is the 'nothing' result still possible?)
  3. Watch them - Gain 15 hit points and 2 XP in Perception
  4. Leave them be - Nothing

Eclipse.jpg Mushroom Man
  1. Follow him - (Morality 0) Get crate of Eclipse
  2. Offer him trade - Nothing if you have no protein bar, otherwise (Morality 0):
    1. Trade for the mushrooms - Get 6? of edible mushroom, large mushroom, red toadstool; lose protein bar
    2. Trade for the spear - (Morality 0) Get fungus spear; lose protein bar
    3. Keep your protein bar - Nothing
  3. Kill him - Fight Mushroom Scout
  4. Wander away - Nothing

Eclipse.jpg Faerie Target - Only on Dock Song quest
  1. Capture it - strange jar becomes trapped faerie
  2. Show it the jar
    1. Accept the offer - strange jar becomes jar of poison
    2. Get closer and capture it - strange jar becomes trapped faerie
    3. Leave - Nothing?
  3. Dance with it - Gain 20 energy of Fae Blessing
  4. Leave - Nothing?

Eclipse.jpg Green Glow - Only if glowing bauble is equipped and you have Fae Eyes skill
  1. Give it the glass - Gain skill: Fae Step
  2. Refuse its request - Nothing

Fang Addict - Only if you are on the Dr. Thomas Quest and have a crate of Eclipse in inventory

  1. Give him a crate (1 evil) - Progress in Dr. Thomas Quest, lose a crate of Eclipse
  2. Sell him a crate (1 evil) - Gain 25 credits and progress in Dr. Thomas Quest, lose a crate of Eclipse
  3. Attack him - Fight a Ganger
  4. Leave him be - Nothing

Eclipse.jpg Rotting Pariah - Only on the Ship of the Damned quest
  1. Cut the thread
    1. Hand it the gourd - Progress in Ship of the Damned quest
    2. Kill it… again - Fight a Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn)
    3. Run away - Walk away?
  2. Kill it now - Fight a Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn)
  3. Ignore it - Walk away?

Eclipse.jpg Dancing Fae - Only on the David's Exploration quest with Fae Sight
  1. Talk to it - (Morality 0) Leads to Mushroom Cavern with Fae Blessing active
  2. Dance with it - (Morality 0) Gain 10 energy of Fae Blessing, gain 4 XP in Reflexes
  3. Leave it - Walk away

Eclipse.jpg Flitting Faelet - Only with Fae Sight
  1. Follow it - Enter Midgard Warehouse
  2. No thanks - Walk away

Squatter King's Secret Entrance - Only after triggering Squatter King's Door, and before gaining permanent access to the Squatter's Refuge?

  1. Take a look up top
    1. Raid the warehouse - Gain 2-3 of: ancient candybar, caramel bar, corduroys, dried fish, empty can, half of a sandwich, headless doll, Instaheat soup, nuts and bolts, OmniWatch, protein bar, stolen crate
    2. Hunt the Squatter King - Fight The Squatter King
    3. Stay up here - Enter Squatter's Refuge
    4. Head back below - Walk Away
  2. Ignore it - Walk Away

Gang Warfare Encounters

These encounters show up when you control an area through Gang Warfare (except where indicated):

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
LeatherJacket.jpg Mushroom Picking Gain 2 of: edible mushrooms, large mushrooms, red toadstools.
For each handful of any colour spores planted yesterday, gain an additional 2 of the above.
For each handful of white spores planted yesterday, also Gain 2 of: shaman staff, delicious puffball, giant puffball
For each handful of red spores planted yesterday, also Gain 2 of: warty toadstools, black spores, destroying angels
If you planted some the previous day
LeatherJacket.jpg Third Eye Stash In The Sewers Get Third Eye Stash Only if you were pointed here by a Map from Big M
LeatherJacket.jpg Supplying Fortification Converts one gang Profit to fortifications Doesn't require control of the area
LeatherJacket.jpg  Consolidating Control (Sewers) Queue another defender Only with less than 5 defenders and no one else to fight
LeatherJacket.jpg Drive Demand (Sewers) Earn 4 XP in Reflexes, increase arms or goods value by 1 Agenda setting
LeatherJacket.jpg Scavenge (Sewers) Gain 4 XP in Perception, 4-6 of: ancient candybar, circuit fragments, crude ganger map, dirty rags, eclipse, filthy pistol, frayed cable, heavy pistol, hefty wrench, light armored vest, microcapacitor, midgard cap, smelly old pants, suspicious rifle, tattered newspaper page Agenda setting
LeatherJacket.jpg Security (Sewers) Queue combat, get 4 XP in Will Agenda setting
LeatherJacket.jpg Shakedown (Sewers) Get 29? credits, 4 XP in Strength Agenda setting

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

LeatherJacket.jpg Wounded Mutant - Unlocked by defeating a sewer mutant in vigilante justice (see below)
  1. Charge it - Fight Sewer Mutant
  2. Follow behind - (if stealth power is +4 or higher): Enter Abandoned Subway
    (otherwise): Fight Sewer Mutant
  3. Leave it be - Nothing

LeatherJacket.jpg Mushroom Grove - Only if your gang has had control of the area at some point during this day (but doesn't require control at this exact moment)
  1. Chase it - (If not etheric): Gain 2 XP in Will, 2 XP in Strength and 10 energy of Unbeliever.
    (if etheric and you've killed a mushroom scout today?): Fight Mushroom Scout
    (if etheric and you've not killed a mushroom scout today?):
    (oddly, the above isn't quite true. I am a mushroom murderer (today) and got the below. Not sure why.)
    1. Jump it - Fight Mushroom Scout
    2. Try to trade - (if you have a protein bar opens up the following options)
      OR (otherwise) - Nothing
      1. Take the one - get destroying angel or warty toadstool or shaman staff or delicious puffball, lose protein bar
      2. Take the fistful - get 1 edible mushroom, get 3 red toadstool, lose protein bar
      3. Ask for the spear - get a Fungus Spear, lose protein bar
      4. Leap to the offensive - Fight Mushroom Scout
      5. Keep your protein bar - Nothing
    3. Leave it be - Nothing
  2. Investigate here
    1. Plant the red ones - gain 3 XP in Will, plant red spores
    2. Plant the white ones - gain 23-30? hitpoints, plant white spores
    3. Plant your sparkling spores - get 10 energy of Toxic Spores, plant sparkling spores (if you have sparkling spores)
    4. Plant your cracked spores - gain 4 XP in Perception and 4 XP in Will, plant cracked spores (if you have cracked spores)
    5. Inspect the circle - reap previously planted mushrooms. See details on the encounter page
      If you have not previously planted spores, obtain 3 of: edible mushroom, large mushroom, red toadstool, (warty toadstool?)
      Except, when you have Ocean Sight active, gain better results. See discussion page of encounter page.
    6. Ignore it all - Nothing
  3. Keep walking - Nothing

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Vigilante Justice Combat Encounters

                   Opponents                    Encounter Text Notes
LeatherJacket.jpg 1-10.jpg
As you patrol Dockside Sewers, you come upon <player> from <gang>.

And, if you have a custom(?) title active:
Maybe you should announce yourself too.

You learned a new Technique: Declaration

And then, one of:
She/He looks ready for a fight.
She/He's injured, but still looks confident.
She/He is definitely injured and looks a little rattled.
She/He needs medical attention more than another fight, but that's not really your problem, is it?
She/He needs a medic badly, but you're not that medic.
If another gang has opponents queued up.
LeatherJacket.jpg SewerMutant.jpg
(Good (2))
As you make your way through the sewers, you find a twisted creature dining on the remains of a bum. It smacks its lips hungrily as it rips the flesh from his legs.
Vigilante Justice only; Unlocks Wounded Mutant
LeatherJacket.jpg blueganger.jpgbluegangerthug.jpg x2
(Good (2))
As you patrol the sewers, you find a small crowd of Fangs talking about their latest exploits and going over a stash of weapons. Since the exploits getting the most cheers are involve murder, rape, or robbery, it doesn't take too long for you to pass judgement.

The weapons stash they're accumulating doesn't help either.
Vigilante Justice only; Gain 2-5 of the following extra: dynamite, flashy switchblade, long clip, micro rocket, Midgard mk9, Nitro, shotgun rounds
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