Door Controls


Image blastdoorcontrols.jpg
Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1 C You push through a command. It doesn't give you any real feedback other than "Successful." Opens the door if closed and vice versa
2 V These controls appear to be attached to that huge set of blast doors you saw on the security cameras. If you can get a command through through it'll probably open them… or close them… it's hard to tell if there are even different commands for the two.
3 O You batter the system, but can't bring it down. It seems simple enough, but it's incredibly reinforced.
4 O You batter the system until it finally collapses under the weight of failing subroutines.

It's impossible to say from here whether the door fails to a closed state or an open state. Knowing Midgard, probably closed, despite that being an enormous fire hazard.
Gain 4 XP, closes the doors


Dorm Signal

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