The dorms used to be an area on the west side of the Metroplex U campus. Halloween parties were traditionally held there, but a (rumoured to be) Midgard experiment caused them to blow up in late 2012. They are currently under construction.

Currently (~June 13th 2015, onwards)

Returning Dorm
Workers move through the dorm, putting their finishing touches on the structure. It looks like they're actually taking it seriously. Someone probably threatened to cut off their contract.

Or, if one of the below applies:
Workers move slowly and cautiously through the dorm, putting their finishing touches on the structure.

And if you have zero HP:
It's said there are hundreds of dead left beneath this dorm. It's hard to believe, but you feel about ready to join them at the moment.

Otherwise, if you have Spectral Curse:
A terrible chill drives you back from the construction site. You've heard there are hundreds of dead buried beneath this dorm and it's easy to believe it.

Or, if you have some HP and do not have Spectral Curse, and have received the right etheric result from Shared Files:

As your thoughts wander, you can feel the dead beneath your feet pulling at you. There are… so many. As you pull yourself back, you can feel them clawing at you.

You take 13-17 damage.

You've gained 10 duration of Spectral Curse.

You learned a new Technique: Awaken Students
Or, if the damage above brings you to 0 HP, instead of the tech:
It's only through sheer force of will that they don't pull you down with them. So many… so many dead.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

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