Dr Amundsen's Legacy


Dr. A has died, and Hel suggest you decrypt the encrypted PDA with help from a student.


  • You already have the encrypted PDA from finishing the Docks Quest one way or another. Show it to Hel and she suggests looking for a student of Amundsen's.
  • Go to her quite devastated office - you'll find Arthur J. Documents. Read them (1 energy).
  • Get your Chess skill up to solid. (This takes playing about 25 games of chess.) Your best bet for this is against Arthur J. in the VIP Room. You can choose to play for anything you like.
  • Once at solid, challenge him to a game for information and hand him the PDA. He will leave the room.
  • Return to him after rollover for instructions on how to decode the PDA.
  • See Dr. Amundsen's Key for remaining steps.


Quest Log

Starting quest:

You're attempting to decrypt the PDA you found on the Fangs' boss's body.


You're attempting to decrypt the PDA that the Fang's boss gave you in exchange for your mercy.


Hel's suggested you investigate Dr. Amundsen's students to see if she passed on her knowledge.

Then after using the Arthur J. Documents:

You learned of a student named Arthur who Dr. Amundsen thought was quite promising, but wastes his life away in the back room of the Happy Hour.

Then after asking him about This PDA from beating him in chess:

You convinced Arthur in the VIP room to take a look at the PDA, but he said it might take a while.

Then after Rollover:

You convinced Arthur in the VIP room to take a look at the PDA. It might even be done by now.

After talking to him when he finished his work:

Arthur in the VIP room explained how to get it decrypted, but there's a catch: you need to connect it to the main server from a secure Midgard facility.

After decryption:

You're pretty sure you've done it. You should report back to Hel with the results.

Finished quest

You've decrypted the Fang's mysterious PDA.

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