Dr. Johnson


Image Messed-Up-Scientist.jpg
Combat Name The doctor
HP 123-128
Stats Perception: 15
Reflexes: 10
Strength: 10
Will: 5
Power Melee:
Etheric: 5
Unopposed: 5
Defense Melee: 5
Ranged: 5
Fire: 0
Etheric: 20
Stealth: 5
Reactive: 5
Traits binding tome equipped; Human; Taking Eclipse
Awards 12 XP
You found: smoky glass visor (100%)
You found: scientist's claw (100%, with Myers sampling kit equipped)
You found: Dr. Johnson recording*

* The Dr. Johnson Recording only drops if you have poked the Lab Terminal in the Slags Lab. It only drops if you last at least 5 rounds of combat normally, or 3 rounds if you previously gave him a hound earlier. The recording drops immediately after reaching the 5th (or 3rd) round; you can win, lose or run away from the fight at this point. You can win or lose on the 5th (or 3rd) round at still get it.


Dr. Johnson I presume?: 5th floor of the destroyed building while Etheric, after hearing about him from the Ramshackle Fortress choice encounter.


Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Claw Block 3 ? Evasion(R,F,E) (normal)
'' 15 Melee (vs. Melee)
Dive for Cover 4 6-11 Evasion(M,R,F)
Release the Hounds 5 14  Etheric (First time)
'' 17  Etheric (Second time)
'' 20  Etheric (Further times)
Distant Claw 6 18  Etheric
Call for Aid 7 16-? Evasion(R,E,F)
This opponent has +5 Power to all techniques when Unopposed.


If you chose to record him, he gives the these messages after each round of combat.

First part:

Round 1:

He seems intent on talking while you're fighting anyway, so you try to goad him into saying his name. It might get you that recording after all.

He seems unimpressed, instead rambling about […]

Round 2:

He seems unimpressed, instead rambling about […]

Rounds 3-4:

You continue trying to goad him into saying his name. Instead he rambles about […]

Round 5: (or Round 3 if you have him a Hound)

You continue goading him into saying his name. Finally, his grin drops. "Stop calling me Doctor Johnson! My name has been Sigurd since I came inside the walls of this wonderful, glorious place! Given by our real father… not some DNA donor…"

Well, that's probably the best recording you're going to get. Hopefully the computer won't mind him screaming like a lunatic. Maybe he was always like that.

You found: Dr. Johnson recording

Round 6+:


Second Part:

[…] about whether he should call you brother, half-brother, uncle, or cousin. He also laughingly criticizes you for being so mean to your family, but doesn't let up his stream of attacks.

[…] about regrets and how, at the end, his only real regret was learning bravery too late.

[…] about regrets and how, at the end, his only real regret was not becoming a writer.

[…] about how awesome claws are.

[…] about "perceptions of self" and how he never really liked himself, but never thought he needed claws.

[…] about how his last experiment was a complete failure because it cannot be replicated.

[…] about how his last experiment was a complete success, but the executives could never understand the results.

[…] about whether it's improperly mixing metaphors for a raven to rise from the ashes.

[…] about how management stuck him with the hard half of the project and "Muninn" was as easy as shooting addicts in the head.

[…] about the real purpose of the Slags lab, which he doesn't disclose, but apparently thinks is hilarious.

nomnom25.jpg You feast on the doctor's flesh, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg 1 XP
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