Dr. Mira Talks



Encounter Conditions

Choosing Get Dr. Mira in Priority Care Room?

Initial Text

You see Dr. Mira within a crowd of researchers. She's handing out back-handed advice like it's going out of style, but the bite seems to have gone from it.

When she comes closer to you, she veers over to engage in small talk. The other researchers following her stare on in confusion for a moment, then begin dispersing.

Summary of Choices

  1. Ask about S43 - info
  2. Talk about the field - info
  3. Mention the field's effect on you (Only if you tried to enter the field) - info
  4. Mention Project Huginn - info
  5. Ask about the Brothers (Only if you asked about Project Huginn) - info
  6. Attack her - Fight Dr. Mira
  7. Blow her off - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Ask about S43

"He's actually improving a lot. His physical condition is like night and day."

Her smile fades a bit around the edges. "But he seems to think he was kidnapped by men in dark suits. That kind of paranoid delusion is unfortunately common in cases of Slags intoxification."

"Actually, the men in dark suits are pretty tame. We had a guy a couple weeks ago who claimed he used to be a Midgard exec until he and his daughter were taken away by faeries. Of course, the exec he claimed to be was actually a woman, died three years ago, and never had kids… so yeah."

She laughs a bit to herself. "So, he's in way better shape than that. They're bringing in a therapist, which is a really good sign. It means the folks upstairs think he can be reintegrated into society."

Talk about the field

"Hmmm?" She cocks her head to the side. "It did a pretty good job, although it was disabled when he woke up so it might be a double-edged sword."

"Somebody upstairs wanted us to test it on the next serious case we had come in. It'll need a lot more testing, but I think it might actually be a real breakthrough. I'm glad they chose me to work on it."

Mention the field's effect on you

She shakes her head. "I'm not sure why you'd have a negative reaction to it, although it is a very high energy field. Nobody with cybernetics was supposed to go in there and the instruments had to be specially shielded."

"But I can't honestly come up with any reason you'd be unable to get into the field. All it's really supposed to do is dampen the effects of Slags intoxification and we're not even entirely sure how well it did that."

Mention Project Huginn

She eyes you shrewdly. "I'm curious how you find these things out, but I suppose I know better than to ask. I mean you're either an auditor or work for the brothers, right? Sorry, nevermind, don't tell me."

"Huginn was Johnson's baby. He's been working on it for years, some sort of elaborate double-blind. He wouldn't even explain the details to me, but it's why I'm not allowed to help most of the rest of the staff."

She sighs heavily, bringing up one hand to rub her temples. "It's really kind of awful. I have to leave so many projects broken that I end up snapping at the other researchers… as though it's their fault, right?"

She breaks back through with a laugh that only rings a little false. "Well, better than working at corporate right? I mean, at least here we're helping people out and fighting the good fight, right? Oh, sorry about the corporate dig if you're an auditor."

Ask about the Brothers

She shakes her head slowly. "Rumors, I guess. Unbefitting a scientist, really, but they probably hold a kernel of truth."

She inhales deeply, as though she knows she won't be able to start talking again if she pauses. "They might not exist, but there're always rumors. Some say they're mercenaries, others say they clean up internal leaks. I heard someone claim they secretly run Midgard."

She pauses for her next breath, slowing herself down a bit. "I'm not really sure I believe any of it. Midgard's internal auditors are scary enough, they shouldn't need people like that."

Attack her (2 Evil)

You leap to attack her out of the blue. She grabs a few random items out of her labcoat that probably aren't intended as weapons, but look pretty dangerous.

(Fight Dr. Mira)

Blow her off

You make your excuses, something mumbled about being busy. She flashes a smile. "Good, keep up the good work."

The other researchers' confusion only seems to grow.

(Walk Away)

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