Dr. Myers




  • Asking a student in The Quad about the protest.
  • Talking to the grad student at the Tainted Shoreline.
  • Asking Boris about Chemistry.
  • Starting the 4 Crown of Protesters Vigilante Justice combat in The Quad.


1 - Before accepting the Dr. Myers Quest
2 - After accepting the Dr. Myers Quest
3 - After finishing the Dr. Myers Quest
4 - During the Slags Quest, having completed the Dr. Myers Quest
5 - Once you agree to help Andrea the Grad Student
5a - Once you agree to help Andrea the Grad Student - but never talked to him before solving the protest
6 - Once you help Andrea
7 - After getting Experimental Chemistry
8 - After getting Experimental Chemistry if you didn't do the Dr. Myers Quest
Halloween 2010 - special

Intro (before starting Dr. Myers Quest

Sorry, can't talk, busy now.

Why are they protesting you?
Oh, sorry (End of conversation)

Why are they protesting you?

Ahhh, the protests? Yes, they're all angry because… well, because they want to be angry.

I'm working on studying this strange organic sample. Half of them think it's from an endangered species and the other half are just angry because it's funded by Midgard.

Anything I can do to help?
Thanks for explaining (End of conversation)

Anything I can do to help?

Well… I must admit this sample is the most intriguing thing I've seen in my years here. I don't think we should let this opportunity slip by.

Well, I guess if we could find another sample… I could move to another lab off campus.

I'll get that for you
I'll think about it

I'll get that for you

Oh, thank you! Thank you!

Here, take this! If you find one of these crazy "serpents," bring back a sample and I should be able to move my operations.

You found: Myers sampling kit

(End of conversation)

I'll think about it

Oh… oh, well… okay.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after starting Dr. Myers quest)

Any luck with that sample?

The riots are over (Only after ending the riots in a different path)
I have it
Not yet (End of conversation)

The riots are over

That's true. I suppose I won't have to move at all. Get so wrapped up in the details we miss the obvious sometimes.

Thank you.

I have it

(Without a Lake Serpent sample:)

Nope, that's not it. I don't know much about where the original came from. There might not be another sample like it.

Local hospital donated it. A man came into the ER holding it, raving about a sea serpent.

I'll give him this much, it does have certain traits reminiscent of reptiles and fish. They're just… mixed oddly.

(End of conversation)

(With a sample)

Ah, yes, that's exactly it, excellent

Thank you! I'll get moved to one of the Midgard facilities and pick up study there.

(You lose a Lake Serpent sample)

(End of conversation)

Intro (after Dr. Myers quest, before finding the slags)

Thank you so much! I'll be sure to tell you the results once we have some.

I found some cheaters
Okay. (End of conversation)

Intro (with Slags access)

(Before completing the Mr. Myers quest)

Any luck with that sample?

I have it
Not yet (End of conversation)

(After completing the Mr. Myers quest)

Thanks so much for your help. The study's hit some snags, but I'm confident we're making progress.

Tell me about it
Let's talk Slags
Good to hear (End of conversation)

Tell me about it/Tell me about the sample5/What's wrong?7

As it turns out, we need to be careful when exposing the samples to acid. Turns out the reaction creates a fairly powerful explosive. Which… it shouldn't… chemically, but that's stopped surprising me.

When my lab assistant gets back from the hospital, we should be able to get back to work.

You've learned a new chemistry recipe: Nitro - Dissolve a lake serpent sample in powerful acid to get some Nitro. Just don't drop it.

(End of conversation)

Let's talk Slags

Ahhh, the Slags. It's a terrible area. The accident wiped out all life for miles.

If you're heading that way, I actually have a grad student that said she could use someone with a bit more… combat experience. All I can really offer is some private tutoring in return.

I'm there!
Thanks, but no thanks

I'm there!

Excellent! She's patrolling a section of beach near the Slags. It's a dangerous area… I have no idea how she does it.

Good luck.

(End of conversation)

Thanks, but no thanks

I completely understand. I wouldn't want to go either.

It's like a science fiction movie down there, with all these horrible mutated creatures wandering about. And then add the Midgard patrols… yeah, rather stay up here.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after agreeing to help Andrea)

Any luck helping Andrea with her work at the beach?

It's dangerous so near the Slags but she's doing a good job. I'd like to give her a hand if we could.

Tell me about the sample
I'm on it (End of conversation)

Intro (after agreeing to help Andrea — but never did the serpent sample part)

Have you been able to help Andrea?

I hope she hasn't gotten herself injured again. Last time, she brewed up some crazy ointment out of the local wildlife…

So, yeah, if you're near the Slags stop by the shore and see if you can find her.

I'll let you know (End of conversation)

Intro (after helping Andrea)

I heard back from Andrea. Eggs! She got real eggs!

It's fantastic. Thank you so much for your help! Just… don't breathe any of this to the students or they'll start rioting again.

Can I have that tutoring?
You're welcome (End of conversation)

Can I have that tutoring?

"Yes, absolutely." Dr. Myers launches into a long explanation of chemical principles, experimental procedures, and what they've learned about the properties of strange samples he's seen.

(Also, if you don't have a Myers Sampling Kit)

"Oh, and you'll probably want this," he hands you a gadget covered in strange tubes and syringes.

You've learned a new Skill: Experimental Chemistry

You found: Myers sampling kit (If you don't have the kit)

(End of conversation)

Intro (with Experimental Chemistry)

I almost feel bad. That's twice you've helped me out now.

Study on the sample isn't going great, but I've got high hopes.
What's wrong?
I found some cheaters
Bye (End of conversation)

I found some cheaters

First time

Gah! Every semester!

I think one of my TAs is selling the template… I use a program to generate a whole set of tests, makes it harder to cheat. Of course, that doesn't help when half the students have the questions in advance.

If you find something like that again, wipe the data and let me know. I'll figure out who leaked them this year and get you some credits… out of his stipend.

You get some money. The TAs remember who they're assisting. And the students have to learn something. Everybody wins!

Further times before any justice has been made

With the way data spreads on the Net, I'm going to assume there are more copies out there. Let me know if you destroy any of them.

Once, after identifying Shared Files with Dr. Myers's tests and then crashing them, then reverts to above:

Ah, excellent. Here are the credits I promised!

With the way data spreads on the Net, I'm going to assume there are more copies out there. Let me know if you get anymore.

You gained ((30-39) x (number of sites crashed)) credits!

Intro (with Experimental Chemistry and not having done the Dr. Myers Quest)

Thank you for your help with Andrea. Hope you found that tutoring useful.

How's Halloween?

Sure, since my lab assistant is out anyway.

It's all the students can talk about, after all. You couldn't imagine how hard it is to get them to focus on coursework, even the grad students.

Well, except Andrea, but I hardly even see her.

Ah well, the admins have their agenda of "providing security" and "promoting healing." Not really anything we can do about it.

I just hope everybody comes out okay this time.

(End of conversation)


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