Dr Myers Quest

backup beat begins
Head into the quad
And make sure you're not high
'Cuz you'll need all yo' senses
to find the bored guy
Jus' ask him wassup
then hit da streets
go into dem labs
where da science foo' meets
He gonna send you to da docks
wit dat samplin' kit
if it equipped while you be trippin'
fightin' serpents and shit
you gonna get what he want
and that protest gonna go
so he tell you 'bout stuff
you might of wanted to know

L L ama man grabs the mike

But if you miss him the first time
Don't be dismayed
'Cuz you'll have a chance
to find him some day.
Just hunt down his assistant
And ask her what's up?
She'll tell you who her boss is
And how make some stuff.
So ask her boss about her
And punch her tentacles
And you can get the skill and gadget
Without touchin' that stuff

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