Dr. Thomas Quest


Acquire Dr. Thomas's contact. Once you have finished the Docks Quest, she will ask you to distribute Eclipse


Log Listing Encounter Conditions Results
a bum in Southside Southside Park: Homeless Addict Unlocks permanent The Bum combat encounter
Carlos Carlos (contact) siding with Fangs in Southside Park Quest 100 credits
The Docks
a dockhand Waterfront:Desperate Dockhand Unlocks Desperate Dock Guard choice encounter
a Dock security guard Waterfront:Desperate Dock Guard helping Desperate Dockhand 0 or 50 credits
an ex-Fang in the sewers Dockside Sewers: Fang Addict ? Unlocks Familiar Face choice encounter? and gives 0 or 25 credits.
Metroplex U
a college student The Quad: College Druggy nothing or 6-8 of various pills
a Third Eye enforcer The Quad: A Message from Big M gang warfare (Daily, repeatable) Leaves you alone for the rest of the day
an A student The Happy Hour: Happy Art Student completing Coding Assistance quest 50 credits or unlocks ability to learn recipes for Eclipse whiskey and sugary Eclipse
a Third Eye in the Happy Hour The Happy Hour: Slick Third Eye trading with the VIP raver 0 or 100 credits
a raver at the Happy Hour VIP Room: Helping People See! Etheric crate of explosives
Hawk Hawk (contact) must have distributed 5-6 crates to other people ends University Quest
The Slags
a grad student near the Slags Tainted Shoreline: Andrea the Grad Student none
a lab tech in the Slags Midgard Laboratory: Addict by Osmosis talk about Eclipse containment suit parts and unlock ability to get battered cred chip from the Scientist Conversation
a churchgoer Old Cathedral: Church Refugee none Makes the refugee hostile to you

If you have Hawk as a contact you can convince Dr. Thomas to start supplying the Third Eye directly, but only if you have spread Eclipse around enough. Otherwise she tells you:

No, no, I don't think so. Taking over that contract would draw too much attention to ourselves. We need to prove we're indispensable before that might work. Help expand the network, though, and that'd be a major coup.

Seems like giving people eclipse expands the network faster than selling it them does - giving it to 5 people may succeed where selling it to 5 doesn't. More testing needed, perhaps. See discussion page.

For the purposes of Joining the third eye, you must distribute eclipse to at least 6 (or maybe 5 in some cases?) people. Distributing to more people afterwards has no known use, but you can gain some minor rewards in credits or items. The following are available for the purposes of this quest:


In addition to the immediate rewards (see above) for giving out crates of Eclipse and the ability to get a few crates per day just by asking, after sharing with Hawk (or just expanding your network enough?) asking her for a crate gives 3-6 crates of Eclipse and an item (fresh cred chip, Midgard MK9, Nitro, targeting circuit, or white flakes). After learning she works for Midgard from the Slimy Man you can also blackmail her to get 4-60 (?) credits as well.

Quest Text

Starting Quest

You've agreed to help Dr. Thomas spread Eclipse around as much as possible. She'd like you to carry a crate or two with you and see if you can pick up new clients.

So far you haven't found any clients.

Continuing Quest

You've agreed to help Dr. Thomas spread Eclipse around as much as possible. She'd like you to carry a crate or two with you and see if you can pick up new clients.

So far you've shared with <list of names above>.

After asking her about the supply for the third eye and her telling you you have a tail

Apparently you have someone trailing you. He apparently will be easy enough to pick out if you go somewhere without big crowds.

With The Hammer tailing you, after beating him in a fight

Apparently you have someone trailing you. He's huge and covered in cybernetics, but not invulnerable.

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