Drag To Maw


Image unknownchain2.png
Chain 2
Type None (?)
Attribute Strength
Special If the opponent has you in a Tight Hold, does a base 10 damage Melee attack instead.
Combat Message - <Opponent> grabs you with a tentacle and pulls you nearer to its snapping maw. (first time per battle)
- <Opponent> drags you into its maw and bites down for x damage. (further times)
- <Opponent> attempts to grab onto you with a tentacle, but you slip away. (vs. Evasion)
- <Opponent> grabs you with its tentacles, but you manage to fight them back. (vs. Melee with enough Strength?)


NPC Only.

Used By (Opponents)

Boxed Nightmare
Living Portal
Ruins Octopus
Writhing Hologram
Writhing Mass

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