Dreaming Of A White Christmas



Encounter Conditions

Having chosen "Corner the man" and then "Let them talk" in the Executive Pursuit encounter.

Initial Text

On your trip across the Quad, one of the students you helped snag their target approaches you. Everything after "hello" is a stream of complaints, but he seems happy enough to see you.

You're not sure if you can convince him to stop complaining, but you might be able to change the subject.

Summary of Choices

  1. Complain about the Man -
  2. Complain about viral music - (Only if you have Viral Carols active?) - get 3 chips of unlabeled music or some chips of unlabeled music and some chips of Emerald Gift Sample.
  3. Complain about the weather -
  4. Let him complain -
  5. How about that song - (Only if you initiated Complain about the Man?) - get 1 chip of snowman song
  6. Make your excuses -

Choice Text and Results

Complain about the Man

"Oh, the administration…. Ugh. There are days I wish I could go all Matsuo on 'em. You know, whip out a big sword and bring the snicker-snack?"

He shakes his head. "They're trying to not let us do the Abominable Snowman contest because of what happened on Halloween. Like it's our fault, right?"

"I mean, who'd have thought anything bad would happen if you spread around some Eclipse?" It takes you a moment to realize he's actually being entirely serious.

"Anyway, they're being jerks about it and now we can't have our contest. Which is kind of ironic, because we really want to have the contest for the guy who did it last year, because he's still being treated for burn wounds or something by Midgard."

He stops and stares off for a second. "Which is kind of ironic. Not like ironic-funny, but ironic-sad. I'm gonna go write a song."

He wanders off, humming experimental melodies.

Complain about viral music

(Only if you have Viral Carols active?)

"Oh man," he screws up his face like he just bit into a rotten lemon. "Don't even get me started on this corporate viral music crap."

"I mean… it's bad enough to have capitalism blaring 24/7, but sneaking into your comm? That's just low."

"But," he looks slightly brighter, "turns out it won't latch in if you're already playing something. Pretty nice, huh?"

He hands you a few chips. "Try these. They're pretty good and you won't have to let OmniTech drill into your brain. Just wait until the carols end and it should let you play them. Checkya!"

He heads off, a bit of pep in his step

You found: 3 chips of unlabeled music

Complain about the weather

He shakes his head. "Yeah, the weather sucks. It hasn't snowed at all, yet. We're trying to keep up the 'Abominable Snowman' contest… the guy who organized it last year is still in the hospital from Halloween."

"We thought, you know, he'd be happier knowing somebody kept the contest going. We'll probably just do it anyway. The administration can suck it."

He sighs and slumps over a bit. "But that all depends on getting snow. Shame we don't live in a video game or some crazy old witch on a mountain would give us a snow crystal… or something."

"Well, see you around." He walks off, a bit dejected.

Let him complain

He starts to complain about the girl he likes, going on and on and on. You start to feel sorry for him, but quickly remember your own problems and the lot of everyone in Southside.

By the time you're done with the internal commentary, you're even more depressed than he is.

How about that song

He looks confused for a second. "Oh, yeah, the song! Yeah, I finished it."

He tosses you an audio chip. "Have a listen. I think it's pretty good, but I suppose I would."

He flinches. "Sorry about that. Have a good one."

You found: snowman song

Make your excuses

Something happens, but mostly it's just

See Walk Away

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