Dried Fish


Image skinnyfish.jpg
Description This is a dehydrated fish, probably for shipping overseas. It doesn't honestly look very tasty.
Type Food
Requires 1 Hunger
Use You crunch up the dried fish and eat it. It's… incredibly salty and not honestly very good.
Multi You toss one dried fish after another into your mouth, crunching them up. The saltiness is nearly overwhelming, but you manage to soldier on.
Effects Gain 1-3 Energy


Using stolen crate
Encounter: Tainted Shoreline: Command Guidance System (Shoreline).
No longer: Oldos Hacking: Reroute shipment on an Consumer Goods website.


Practice sashimi cutting on a Dried Fish
Dried Fish Sashimi Knife
= Dried Fish Strip
Lay a cut of Dried Fish over some Sushi Rice
Dried Fish Sushi Rice
= Dried Fish Sushi
Wrap Dried Fish in Sushi Nori
Dried Fish Sushi Nori
= Dried Fish Maki
Dry Rice fried with some Dried Fish
Dried Fish Dry Rice
= Fish Stir Fry
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Goods
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