Drill Control


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Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense The drill control is as resilient as it is ancient. You'd need a hell of an attack to bring it down. ?
5? Offense You smash the drill control. It's incredibly resilient, but you don't let that stop you. ? Removes routine, 3 XP
Command You spin up the drills easily enough, but they're not positioned to bite into anything. ?
Command, after positioning You send the drone digging beneath the street. It quickly breaks out of range, but it should breach the Midgard facility's basement. And probably a bunch of utility lines and sewer pipes, but sometimes you have to break a few eggs. Disconnect
Command, with BigDig experimental file in inventory You push the Third Eye code into the system, which the system seems to recognize as a software update. The code snakes into the system, adding another layer of control that unfortunately doesn't make the user interface any better. ? Counts toward completion of Oldtown Installation quest
Defense The controls don't have any response to your batch. ?
View The drill control is a glorified button. As long as you hold it down, it should drill for you. ?
Defense The control doesn't have any response to your batch. ?
Other ?


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