Drive Control


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Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Note: there is a hidden flag which counts how well you understand the drive controls. Once this counter reaches 10 or more, you can use Command (or Command+View) to position the drone to dig under the street and then engage it using the Drill Control.

Function Message U Result
Offense The drive controls are definitely designed to take a beating and certainly don't respond to any fancy tricks. ?
5? Offense You crash the drive controls. The system wasn't designed by complete morons, so it doesn't lock on and run over a bunch of people or anything.

It isn't going to move anywhere for a while, though.
? Removes routine
View, with control understanding < 10 You inspect the controls in minute detail. They're… painfully complicated, but there's a method to the madness somewhere. 1 Get +<view> control understanding
View, with control understanding ≥ 10 You take another look over the controls. They're never going to seem well-designed or straight-forward, but you think you can make them work. 0 Does nothing
Command, with control understanding < 10 You engage the drive controls. You… don't really know how to steer this thing. It seems like the tracks are controlled separately, except when they're not and… the whole thing is pretty baffling, all told. ? Does nothing
C+V, with control understanding < 10 You feed the drone some commands and watch the results. Watching the responses in real time is pretty informative. ? Get +X*2 control understanding?
Command (or C+V†), with control understanding ≥ 10 First time: You position the drone to dig you a route under the street. The drills aren't on at the moment, but the drone could burrow like hell if they started up.

Further times: You send the drone for another spin around the lot. It's way more fun than it has any right to be.
2 Allows use of Drill Control
Command, with BigDig experimental file in inventory You push the Third Eye code into the system, which the system seems to recognize as a software update. The code snakes into the system, adding another layer of control that unfortunately doesn't make the user interface any better. ? Counts toward completion of Oldtown Installation quest
Defense The controls don't have any response to your batch. ?
Other ?

† When using C+V, it seems to add on the bonus from view first, and then checks if you have ≥ 10 understanding.


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