Driven Healer


Image firstaidkit.jpg
Description You've learned a valuable, if painful, lesson about healing. It's all about consistency.

Given the right instruments and a serious situation, your medical skills will never fail you.
Effects Improves your First Aid effects after serious injuries


One of several possible rewards for the The Missing Artist quest. Remove the artist from the Midgard Laboratory, and run out of energy of dying artist to receive the Didn't make it encounter.


(If you took 6 or more damage from one attack?) (sometimes/always?) replaces first aid message after combat with

After combat you staunch the worst of the bleeding and patch yourself up, healing <X> hit points.

Exact triggers and effects of this are unknown. (Didn't heal me for extra, so perhaps it guarantees you first aid that round?)

If you have this skill and do not have Fire Trained, the first time you use 5 burning ectoplasms at once and survive, you will gain the skill Leaping Flame.

This skills prevents you from learning Fire Trained.

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