Drone Registry


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Type File System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense The registration data doesn't seem particularly well protected against attacks, just encrypted to discourage easy viewing. You overwrite it easily. 0 Gain 1 XP, removes routine
1-3 Command You insert some fake records into the registry data. It'll give some office worker heartburn, but probably won't cause any long-term harm. ?
1-2 View
Or C+V sometimes?
It looks like this is supposed to carry data about the entire fleet this drone is part of. Judging by the way this data is buried in here, it's not intended for human use.

You only get to look at a few lines before your suspicions are confirmed, the view timing out far faster than a human could process it.
View ≥ 3 You download the registration data in one huge pulse. The system isn't able to stop the transfer before the proverbial cat is out of the bag, but does light up with reports of the intrusion.

One of messages below.
C+V, sometimes You perform a careful dance, ordering another subroutine to get you the data and downloading it at a leisurely pace. You wouldn't say the system is unaware, but it seems you avoided the main alarm on the registration data.

One of messages below.
One of messages above.

Before seeing enough drones and/or low Perception?, get this message only:
These identification schemes are kind of a mess, but you're working them out… slowly but surely.

Or, sometimes:
This drone doesn't seem to have proper identification… it's either a clerical error or smuggling.

Otherwise, trigger unknown (OJ?):
The identification scheme for these drones seems pretty straight forward. It isn't until later that you realize how much you should have been baffled.

Otherwise, after sufficient knowledge:
These identification schemes are kind of a mess, but you think you've got this one at least.

You've learned a new quest recipe: (Drone Company) Filtering - Temporarily tune into (Company) drones with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)

Otherwise, if you already know the recipe:
You double-check the identification scheme. Yeah, looks like <Company> hasn't changed anything. Gain 2 XP Perception.
- Possibly learn recipe for Alliance, Midgard, NickOTime, OmniLunch or Silver Filtering
The registration data seems ignorant of your batch. ?


Shipping Drone Net

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