Dry Riverbed



Encounter Conditions

Only during The Missing Artist quest

Initial Text

You find yourself in a strange channel, like a dry riverbed, terminating in a black stone wall. On closer inspection, you can see crimson flames just barely peeking over the wall.

If that's the lake of fire you've run into, the lakebed must be straight through this wall.

Summary of Choices

  1. Hammer at it - Destroy a wall with ≥12 Melee Power and ≥15 Strength, take damage
  2. Try some dynamite - Destroy a wall, take damage
  3. Break out the NitroX - Destroy a wall, gain 3 XP in Perception and Reflexes
  4. Climb the wall - Gain 6 XP in Reflexes, take damage
  5. Leave it be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Hammer at it


You hammer against the black stone wall more or less ineffectually, eventually the heat gets to be too much and you're forced to leave. Even the radiating heat from the stone will be leaving you with some unpleasant burns.

You take ?-13-? damage, reduced by fire defense

Or, with at least 12 melee power and 15 buffed strength:

With a single massive blow, you shatter the stone pillar. Chunks of stone, the fire still clinging to them, rain down around you as the lake begins emptying out towards you.

You get out of the way just in time to avoid being utterly consumed, but the flames still lash at you.

You take 13 damage. (depends on Fire Defense)

Try some dynamite


You light a stick of dynamite with the all-too-present fire and wedge it under the dam of black rock. You try your best to get to a safe distance before it detonates, taking a large section of the wall with it.

Crimson fire rolls out of the lake like a wall of rushing water, although you can't see any fuel. You avoid the brunt of that, thankfully, but are still pelted with fist-sized burning rocks.

You take 12 damage. (depends on Fire Defense)

Break out the NitroX


You stand at what you hope is a safe distance and hurl the vial of NitroX towards the thinnest point you can find in the stone wall.

Even, though the explosion is deafening, its echoes are largely swallowed by the mists. You stand back at a comfortable distance as the wall of crimson fire spills out of the lake, although you do ending up dodging a few flaming rocks kicked up by the NitroX.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

You've earned 3 XP in Reflexes

Climb the wall

You scamper up the wall of black stone, getting almost high enough to look out over the pit of fire before you're forced back down by the heat. It's unbearable and will definitely leave some unpleasant marks.

You take 1-21 damage (depends on Fire Defense)

You've earned 6 XP in Reflexes

Leave it be

Yeah, after some thought, you're pretty happy with the giant lake of fire staying over there.

See Walk Away

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