Dumpster With Digger



Encounter Conditions

Only when not Etheric

Initial Text

If there were any doubts you were in a subway terminal, the tracks and vaulted tile ceiling here put them to rest. However nice it may have been, there's now a massive pile of garbage among the benches.

Further into the shadows, you can see a twisted humanoid shape digging through the pile and occasionally popping something into its mouth.

Summary of Choices

  1. Dig peacefully - gain 3 XP in Perception and 4-5? of: ancient candybar, broken bottle, cheap pistol, dirty old trenchcoat, dirty rags, filthy old sack, filthy pistol, headless doll, heavy pistol, knit cap, light armored vest, Metros Light, Omniwatch, pep pill, protein bar, riot baton, smelly old pants, tattered newspaper page, whiskey bottle and 1-2? of: classic watch, cracked pipe, filthy duster, old spectacles, old cola bottle, ratty suit coat, ratty suit pants, ratty top hat or (if you have asked a Subway Dweller about The Vigilante) Vigilante's Mask (one time only)
  2. Jump the other digger - Fight a sewer mutant
  3. Explore further - Changes to "See if it's expanded"
  4. See if it's expanded - (After "Explore Further") Potentially unlocks the Subway Dweller Conversation if you checked out the Vigilante Recording
  5. Walk away - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Dig peacefully


You root through the giant pile of garbage. The top layer is new and could be mistaken for debris anywhere else in the city.

Below that, though, there's older and older items. It's almost like urban archeology.

You found: some items (see above)

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

(OR if you have just asked the Subway Dweller about the Vigilante)

You dig into the garbage pile, finding nothing at first, but eventually discovering a filthy mask. Wiping the refuse off of it confirms your suspicions… it's the Vigilante's mask.

Searching further, you find only tattered bits of overcoat and fragments of bone.

You gain: VigilanteMask25.jpg Vigilante's Mask

(and, if all your gang hideouts have the Gym already)

Hmmmm, tucked into one of the torn overcoat's pockets, you find a folded sheet of paper. Looks like plans for some sort of sparring ring.

You unlocked a Sparring Ring for your gang. If you are a Leader or Bean Counter, you may add it to any one location with a Gym from the Gang Stash screen.

Jump the other digger

You leap towards the twisted form. It rears up, seeming very human for a moment before it spits a stream of acid, etching into the pillar where you had been standing a moment ago.

Fight Sewer Mutant

Explore further


You make your way further along the tracks when they suddenly stop. Yeah, it looks like they just come right out of a brick wall.


See if it's expanded


You make your way back along the tracks. Well… it does seem like they go further, but they still end in a wall.

OR If you have checked more than 4 or 5 times today


You follow back along the tracks. Aha! He was right!

They continue for better than a hundred meters more, revealing a network of side tunnels.

Walk away


You turn and walk away, leaving the garbage pile and the twisted creature to their respective fates.

(Counts as Walking away?)

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