Dying Artist


Image skull25.jpg
Description You're carrying a college student, artist, Midgard test subject, and, now, escapee. He's been disconnected from life support, so you'd better get him wherever he's headed fast, because he doesn't have much longer to live.
Effect -5 Evasion Power
-5 Stealth Power
-10 Reflexes


Removing him from the Priority Care Room in Midgard Laboratory (10 + <First Aid>* Energy)
* Only some First Aid sources count - see the First Aid page for details


Losing a fight with this active gives the message:

As hard as that was on you, you can recover a lot more easily than the artist you're carrying. (Lose 1 extra energy of Dying Artist)


Despite your best efforts, the student you're carrying took a couple nasty hits during that altercation. (Lose 2 extra energy of Dying Artist)

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