Dynamite (Technique)


Image Dynamite50.jpg
Description A special delayed attack.
Chain 2
Type None
Attribute None
Special Explodes for a 10 Base Damage Fire attack at the end of your Chain.

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 10
You light a stick of dynamite and roll it next to <opponent>.

And, at the end of a round:
The stick of dynamite explodes beneath <opponent> for <X> damage.

Or, if opponent is immune*:
The dynamite doesn't seem to have much effect on <opponent>.
While underwater (but see below) -
You light a stick of dynamite and float it towards <opponent>. About halfway there, the fuse sputters and dies.


Using the item dynamite.
One time use from the Check Your Pockets technique while etheric. (works even while underwater)

Used By (Opponents)

Midgard Worker
Punk Bomber
Warehouse Supervisor

Dynamite immunity

*Some opponents have a Flag which makes them immune to dynamite. (NOTE: Dynamite was partially revamped/fixed on September 8, 2018. Some of these may need re-checking):

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