Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber is a hideout upgrade, purchasable after you buy a Communications Dish and Access Node.

Currently, when used:

The echo chamber doesn't seem to be fully operational at the moment. It probably needs some updates before it'll start working with NovOS.


Before July 7th, 2016:

You can use it to apply code to several sites at once. For each use, it requires and consumes 1 echo capacitors.

Someone was nice enough to leave instructions here, which is good… because you need to encode data on special capacitors and insert it into the "chamber."

Looks like you have <x> set(s) of those capacitors it's talking about.

You have data that looks like it might be compatible.

<List of data you can echo, see below>

Data Type Message Use
antiviral patch You echo antiviral patching out and reach <x sites>. Cleans the sites
network integrator You echo Golden Chip network integrator out and reach <x site>. Adds several hubs to your network
relay code You echo Golden Chip relay code out and reach <x site>.

Your network's signal has increased by <x>.
Adds the site(s) to your network.
security patches You echo security patches out and reach <x sites>. ??
security updater You echo self-updating security systems out and reach <x sites>. ??
viral code You echo a wild virus out and reach <x sites> Infects the sites
viral mass You echo twisted viral data out and reach <x sites>. Maddens low level sites that are already infected.

With two echo chambers in your gang's hideouts the chamber echoes code to six sites instead of four.

You echo <data> out, using the gang's other chamber as a repeater, and reach <6 sites>.

With three echo chambers in the chamber echoes code to a max of eight valid sites.

You echo <data> out, using the gang's other chambers as repeaters, and reach <1-8 sites>.

If you don't have any valid sites (still consumed energy):

You try to echo out <data> for quite a while, but never find anywhere it'll spread. On the bright side, the capacitors don't seem to have burned out.

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