Echoes Of The Past



Encounter Conditions

  • Etheric
  • subway unfolded
  • No increased chance of pvp encounters
  • Have not jumped the ghosts in this encounter today (attacking them via combats is okay though)

Initial Text

You find an open area, far from the sights and smells of the sewers. It looks like a Metros platform, if Metros only served the elite from centuries past.

A massive chandelier hangs over the platform, casting glimmering light over the forms gathered there.

Perhaps, were they not translucent, you might mistake them for oddly dressed people. As it is, they're ghostly echoes of people, dressed in fashions out of date before Mikhail was born.

Only two seem more than shadows, a man and a woman, doing their best to look patient, even as the man checks his pocket watch again.

Summary of Choices

  1. Talk to him - Information
  2. Talk to her - Information
  3. Jump them - Fight a Aristocratic Specter and Spectral Damsel
  4. Explore further - Changes to "See if it's expanded"
  5. See if it's expanded - (After "Explore Further") Potentially unlocks the Subway Dweller Conversation if you checked out the Vigilante Recording
  6. Walk away - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Talk to him


He looks you over and nods politely.

After a moment of silence, he glances down at his pocket watch. "Train's late again. It's always late these days, it seems."

He tucks it back in his pocket and smiles at you insincerely. "Oh, I'm sure it will be here soon. It's not as though you'll be stuck here forever."

Talk to her


She smiles at you and settles in to make polite conversation. "Look at these," she gestures at the tilework with her parasol, "it's a marvel of modern technology. We'll be the envy of the world."

"Of course," she giggles, a distant sound as though it's echoing through endless tunnels, "it would help if the trains came on time."

Jump them

You charge the couple as they fall back, preparing to defend themselves… or pull out a pocket watch and brandish a parasol threateningly, respectively. Perhaps they're a particularly threatening pocket watch and parasol.

It seems you're about to find out.

(Fight a Aristocratic Specter and Spectral Damsel)

Explore further


You make your way further along the tracks when they suddenly stop. Yeah, it looks like they just come right out of a brick wall.


See if it's expanded


You make your way back along the tracks. Well… it does seem like they go further, but they still end in a wall.

After exploring 4-5 times today, having listened to the Vigilante recording?:


You follow back along the tracks. Aha! He was right!

They continue for better than a hundred meters more, revealing a network of side tunnels.

Walk away

Yeah, even with all these chemicals in your system, it still doesn't seem like a great idea to try to chat with ghosts… or whatever those things are.

See walk away

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