Image Eclipse.jpg
Description This small grey pill seems to change size whenever you take your eyes off it for a moment.
Type Drug
Requires 1 Body
Use You swallow the Eclipse. It pulsates its way down your throat. Ugh.

After a moment, though, you see things differently.
Multi The tablets of Eclipse slide down your throat. You almost feel them shifting in size as they slide down.

Once they're down though, the entire world seems different. Like you just learned to see for the first time.
Effects Gives 5 energy of Etheric (or other Sight effect; gain 1 additional energy per Eclipse Duration)

Note: with Residual Antidote or Strange Injection active, you get the same message as above but with the following appended:

You feel a wave of terrible nausea as the Eclipse hits your system.

You've gained 2 energy of Etheric.


From opening a Crate Of Eclipse
From opening a Third Eye Stash
From opening a Crate Of Drugs
From opening a Refilled Pill Bottle
From opening a Macabre Gift (Christmas 2008)
From talking to Carlos
Drops from Gang Enforcer
Drops from Third Eye Ganger
Drops from Gang Boss
Drops from Dockside Ganger
Drops from Third Eye Sorcerer
Drops from Bum
Drops from Protesters
Drops from Insane Slasher (Gang Warfare)
Drops from Spider Patron
Drops from Unwashed Man
From Loose Brick encounter in Southside Park
From Friendly Bum, Introduction encounter in [Southside Park Before Quest
From Graffiti encounter in Dockside Sewers
From Sleeping Soundly encounter in Sewer Hideout
From Raver encounter in Vip Room
From Stacks of Crates encounter in Midgard Warehouse
From Scavenging encounter in Southside Park (Gang Warfare)
From Scavenging encounter in Dockside Sewers (Gang Warfare)
From Third Eye Smuggler in Smuggler's Market in the Waterfront
Winning combats with a faux aid kit equipped.


Used for completing the Southside Park Quest.

Heat a Bottle of Whiskey and dissolve three Eclipse in it
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Happy Art Student in The Happy Hour
Whiskey Bottle Eclipse Eclipse Eclipse
= Eclipse Whiskey
Create a more potent, liquid form of Eclipse with two Eclipse tablets.
Eclipse Eclipse
= Liquified Eclipse
If you carefully soak an Eclipse in more Liquified Eclipse, it retains itself while somehow soaking up all the liquid. Strange.
Eclipse Liquified Eclipse
= Soaked Eclipse
Carefully filter an Eclipse through two Over/Unders from the Happy Hour
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Happy Art Student in The Happy Hour
Eclipse The Over/Under The Over/Under
= Sugary Eclipse
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Drugs


Each point of Eclipse Duration bonus will increase the duration of the effect by 1 energy.

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