Eclipse Crates



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

Two Fang guards sit among a pile of crates, drinking the last of a shared fifth of whiskey. They're not going to notice you unless you make them.

Summary of Choices

  1. Walk off with a crate - Get a crate of Eclipse
  2. Make them notice you - Fight 2 Gang Enforcers
  3. Leave them alone - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Walk off with a crate

You carefully sneak up behind the guards and carry off a crate. Neither of them even notices you're there.

You found: crate of Eclipse

Make them notice you

You grab the guards' attention and run to a secluded corner of the cave where no one can hear them scream.

(Fight 2 Gang Enforcers)

Leave them alone

You slink back into the shadows without disturbing any of the guards.

See Walk Away

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