Eclipse Duration


When you gain Energy of Etheric-type effects (Etheric, Ocean Sight, Fae Sight, etc.), Eclipse Duration increases the amount of energy you gain. Each point of Eclipse Duration gives you one extra energy for each 5 base turns of the effect you would gain. For example, regular Eclipse gives a base of 5 turns of effect, so with +3 Eclipse Duration you'd receive 8 energy of the effect for taking one. Liquified Eclipse gives a base of 25 energy, so with +3 Eclipse Duration you'd receive 40 energy of the effect for taking one. (See chart below.)

Generally, if a drug gives turns of etheric and other effects as well, all effect durations will be increased.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Eclipse Duration Bonuses

+2 charred pimp hat , silk top hat
+1 investigator's hat
+2 charmed chain
+1 drowning flame, serene crystal
Offhand Items
+5 (porous crystal)1
+2 Eclipse sapphire, glimmering blob
+1 bat paperweight, cabling nest, cracked pipe, scientist's claw, toxic crystal, vicious poetry
+1 stained bandages, regifted toga
+2 wispy hospital pants
+4 Midgard Player w/Twisted Harmony or Whispered Harmony
+2 ancient timepiece, black rose, personal focus
+1 black rose bloom, black rose bud, etheric focus, hunter focus, misty gem, orbital watch3
Cyberware (cybereyes)
+2 rippling cybereye
(special)2 Dark Smoke
+2 Ease
-3 Residual Antidote, Strange Injection
+2 Eclipse Conduit
+1 Brick Figure

1 Item is destroyed when an Eclipse item is used. Does not show the bonus in your stats beforehand, and does not provide bonus hunger to toxic eclipse.
2 Lose duration of Dark Smoke equal to amount of Etheric that would be gained (after ordinary eclipse duration is calculated). Gain an equal duration of Etheric in addition.
3 Only applies if you have at least one other source of bonus Eclipse Duration.


See Etheric for a list of sources of Etheric that are increased when used.

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