Eclipse Plotter Rewards



Encounter Conditions

If you helped spike the punch with Eclipse and then visited the Dorms in the aftermath of Halloween 2009


A student you don't recognize, other than his trendy clothes and glazed look, greets you as you approach the dorm. He shakes his head. "Don't get too close. Security's got the place closed tight. But I saw you helpin' out so I saved you some swag."

"Anyway, you were such a big help, we decided to pitch in and make you a t-shirt."

You found: offensive shirt (if you spiked a lot of punch with Eclipse)

You found: pumpkin bucket

You found: 11-49 marshmallow bats (based on how much you helped the Eclipse faction)//

If you bought skeletons:

As you head out, you find a large box with your name and address on it. It's filled with wire and plastic bones.

You found: X Halloween skeletons

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