Eclipse Residue


Image dustW25.jpg
Description This sparkling, slippery powder is all that remains of Eclipse after being subjected to extreme amounts of radiation.
Type Drug (Quest)
Requires 8 Base Will, 1 Body
Use You decide to experiment on the sample by snorting it.

Judging by the blast of strange colors and overlapping visions, Eclipse is just as effective inhaled.
Multi You inhale a handful of the sample. It's a little easier to handle all at once.

You can see an eye in the distance, watching you, and watch a very small version of yourself inhaling some Eclipse residue.
Effects You've gained 10 energy of Etheric (or other Sight effect; gain 2 additional energy per Eclipse Duration)
You've gained 10* energy of Burning Vision.

* Gain same number of turns as Etheric


Analyze a Hefty Capsule with the Protein Analyzer
Protein25.jpg Hefty Capsule
= Eclipse Residue
Analyze Liquified Eclipse with the Protein Analyzer
Protein25.jpg Liquified Eclipse
= Eclipse Residue
Analyze Soaked Eclipse with the Protein Analyzer
Protein25.jpg Soaked Eclipse
= Eclipse Residue
Analyze Tailored Eclipse with the Protein Analyzer
Protein25.jpg Tailored Eclipse
= Eclipse Residue


Spike some Liquified Eclipse with potent Eclipse Residue
Liquified Eclipse Eclipse Residue
= Sparkling Eclipse
Create an abomination with Eclipse Residue and a Virulent Cell Sample
Eclipse Residue Virulent Cell Sample
= Writhing Cell Sample
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Drugs
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