Ecliptic Books



Encounter Conditions

Only during Halloween (2010 onward)
Without a tome of binding equipped (I got this even though I had some in inventory)


A small, strangely dressed girl approaches you, smiling as though you're an old friend. "Oh dear, I think you dropped this."

She holds out a tablet of Eclipse, which quivers and turns inside-out… into a book… or at least that's the best explanation your brain can come up with. She continues smiling and drops the tablet/book into your hand as though nothing interesting happened.

She wipes the remaining powder from the tablet on her elaborate skirt. "Well, I'd give it a look before Halloween. The lyrics are half the fun! Ta!"

As though a switch has been flipped, she goes back to handing out Eclipse to the Happy Hour patrons. Although, who knows, maybe those are all secretly books too.

You found: tome of binding

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