Ecofuel Flamethrower


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Description Few people in Metroplex have heard of Ecofuel, although some know its developer Aerobinc. With their mastery of engineered bacteria, they were in the running to help clean up the Slags before Midgard volunteered to take care of the disaster by itself.

Beyond their clean-up work across the globe, Aerobinc also handles less glamorous contracts like municipal garbage disposal. Recently, they've even been using some of that technology to make weapons like this flamethrower.

Their patented bacteria break down organic substances into fuel for the flamethrower proper. Apparently there are supposed to be different strains of bacteria to create different fuel mixes, but there isn't anything like that included.
Type Weapon (Flamethrower)
Use See below
Effects +4 Fire Power
+2 Evasion Power


Zack's House of Coins, originally available in season 35 for 2 coins.


When used:

Select the food you wish to add to the canister and the amount of it.
<qty> <list of foods that have gang stash value> Compost

There's also a small slot on the side that labeled for bacterial use… but you think you could fit some other stuff in there.
<list of powder pouring items> Salt

When Composted

When the input is less than .20 gang stash units:

You drop some food into the canister. That should break down into Ecofuel shortly.

When the input is .20 ≥ x > 2.00 gang stash units:

You mix some food into the canister. Hopefully that'll all break down into Ecofuel.

When the input is x ≥ 2.00 gang stash units:

You pack the canister with food. Hopefully that'll all break down into Ecofuel.

For all of the above, when you have fed it ~2 gang stash units, you gain a technique (see below). If you feed it ~2*x gang stash units at once, you gain x techniques at once.

Some other results include:

Trying to input 0 items:

Okay, you add 0 of them. What now?

Trying to add a negative number of items:

That doesn't even make sense.

Trying to add over 999 of an item:

That'll take a while. Maybe do it in smaller batches?

When Salted

You dribble some powder into the canister. If it does anything, it's not immediately apparent…

This changes the next technique you will learn next. This persists until you salt it with something else (or reset presumably). There seems to be some overlap with powder pouring items:

Technique Salt
Ecofuel Fire agar powder, black spores, bloody punch mix, caviar(?), coffee crystals, cracked spores, fair trade grounds, flour, Halloween drink mix(?), Lattes! latte powder, matcha, pineapple powder, plant residue, processed sugar, red flakes, serpent powder, serum powder, sparkling spores, spider eggs
Acidic Ecofuel caffeine powder, charred spider eggs, cut nova, fortified coffee grounds, Nova, spider ash, sulfur, white flakes
Crystallized Ecofuel dehydrated eyedrops, fine hound dust, hound dust, metallic powder, mottled crystals
Flowing Ecofuel rinsed squid eyes, tiny black pearls, tiny squid eyes, toxic squid eyes
Glittering Ecofuel craft glitter, gold powder
Smoking Ecofuel paper dust, shaman's dust

(items marked with ? have not been tested but fall into similar powder pouring groups)

Learning a certain number of techniques (~40?) will unlock the Ecofuel Persona Avatar.

Trying to add achromatic metal powder to the canister will produce the following message:

You don't think adding that to the canister would work out well. Really, it'd probably kill everything in there.


Feeding fuel into the flamethrower after unlocking enough (~40?) flamethrower techniques unlocks the Ecofuel Persona avatar.



All the following use Perception and are greatly enhanced with the flamethrower equipped. Using any technique depletes an unknown amount of ecofuel; Once the fuel is fully depleted, the techniques get weaker.

Technique Chain Type Notes
Ecofuel Fire ecofuelfire.jpg Fire
Acidic Ecofuel acidicecofuel.jpg Stealth Bonus vs. Writhing Flesh
Crystallized Ecofuel crystallizedecofuel.jpg Etheric Bonus with Fae Sight or vs. etheric-influenced opponents
Flowing Ecofuel flowingecofuel.jpg Etheric Bonus with Ocean Sight or vs. Aquatic opponents
Glittering Ecofuel glitteringecofuel.jpg Fire
Smoking Ecofuel smokingecofuel.jpg Fire Bonus vs. lungs

Other Uses

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.

Remaining Mysteries

May be associated with skill #88, but Podcast 44 strongly suggests that all content associated with this item has been found.

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